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Android Fission bug burnup chart

Milestone M2: Pass Fission Tests

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1355239 We should attempt to recover from an extension process crash. triaged, [geckoview:p1] [fission:android:m2] Rob Wu [:robwu]
1423168 Extension page resets / blanks out upon initiating a navigation to a non-extension URL [fission:android:m2]
1530770 [Meta] Enable Android e10s-multi [geckoview:m1910] [fission:android:m1] Aaron Klotz [:aklotz]
1535365 Add support for extension process. [geckoview:p1] [fission:android:m2] Agi Sferro | :agi | ni? for questions | ⏰ PST | he/him
1569360 [meta] Move geckoview modules to Actors [fission:android:m2]
1619655 Enable COOP+COEP (aka "resab") on Android [geckoview:m85] [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m90?] Aaron Klotz [:aklotz]
1620093 Re-enable remote mochitests for WebExtensions [geckoview:m76] [fission:android:m2]
1630064 Fix test_ext_tabs_getCurrent.html Mochitest for remote extensions. [fission:android:m2]
1630066 test_ext_sendmessage_reply2.html is busted on Android [geckoview:m78][geckoview:m79][geckoview:m80] [geckoview:m81] [fission:android:m2]
1630073 WebExtensionText.loadWebExtensionPage is busted on Android with extension process enabled [fission:android:m2] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
1648148 Migrate GeckoViewAutofillChild.js to actor [geckoview:m84][geckoview:m85][fission:android:m2][geckoview:m90]
1648153 Migrate GeckoViewMediaChild.js to actor [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m90?]
1648158 Migrate SessionStateAggregator.js to actor [fission:android:m2]
1658980 Add a way for child actors to register to EventDispatcher messages [fission:android:m2]
1659481 Move Media Session module to actors [geckoview:m82][geckoview:m83][geckoview:m84][geckoview:m85] [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m90?]
1673729 [meta] Enable disabled Geckoview fission tests [fission:android:m2]
1673763 Error page triggers `about:blank` onLocationChange with Fission [fission:android:m2]
1673952 Run ContentDelegateMultipleSessionsTest on Fission [fission:android:m2]
1673953 Run GeckoSessionTestRuleTest on Fission [fission:android:m2]
1673954 Run NavigationDelegateTest on Fission [fission:android:m2]
1673955 Run ScreenshotTest on Fission [fission:android:m2]
1673956 Run ParentCrashTest on Fission [fission:android:m2]
1674034 Move test-support content scripts to Actor [fission:android:m2]
1676531 Run GeckoSessionTestRuleTest tests that were blocked by 1657028 [fission:android:m2]
1677190 Enable Session History In Parent in GeckoView [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m86]
1677197 Enable mochitests/reftests/WPT for Android Fission and add necessary skip-if/fail-if annotations [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m87][geckoview:m88][geckoview:m89][geckoview:m90] [:owlish] 🦉 PST
1677205 Determine and implement site isolation policy for Android Fission [fission:android:m2][geckoview:m86]

27 Total; 27 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Milestone M3: Enable Fission in Fenix/GV Nightly

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1610822 [Meta] Make GeckoView Fission Compatible [fission:android:m3]
1677208 Add GV/Fenix support for Fission subframe process crashes [fission:android:m3]
1688013 The page cannot be refreshed after "fission" is turned on [fission:android:m3]
1693682 Use SessionStoreListener in GeckoView rather than SessionStateAggregator [geckoview:m88] [fission:android:m3][geckoview:m90?] Dylan Roeh (:droeh) (he/him)
1700243 Sandboxing support on Android needed [fission:android:m3]

5 Total; 5 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Milestone M4: Let Fission Ride the Fenix/GV Trains

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Future Work

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Assigned to
1565196 [meta] Enable android:isolatedProcess on GeckoView [fission:android]
1660102 [meta] seccomp-bpf in GeckoView [fission:android]

2 Total; 2 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);