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QA Assignment

Assigned API type Device Completed Results
Sorina Florean API 16 Google Pixel (Android Q) June 21th, 2019 PASS
Laurentiu Apahidean API 16 Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 8.0.0) June 21th, 2019 PASS
Stefan Deiac API 16 Nexus 9 (Android 7.1.1) June 21th, 2019 PASS
Diana Rus API 16 Lenovo TB3-850M (Android 6.0.0) June 21th, 2019 PASS





  • Issues:
  • New:
  • Known issues but severe ones:
  • Known issues:
    • bug 1449556 - Vertical scrollbar not displayed for Top Sites Panel
    • bug 1486794 - Add Search Engine option is displayed intermittently
    • bug 1504195 - The context menu from Top Sites is not entirely visible on the screen
    • bug 1529557 - Quick share icons vary in size
    • bug 1371217 - Top Sites, Bookmarks & History are not centered
    • bug 1359363 - Search engine favicon flicker/blinks/flashes after pressing "Show search suggestions" option in "Search" settings
    • bug 1494286 - "Search" header is not changed if it was opened from the quick search bar

Example Bug: **{{Bug|1305969}} - Fennec sometimes get stuck in a state where there is a perma-bar of white on the bottom of the screen