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General Information

Area Details
  • Developer: Mark Finkle (:mfinkle )
  • QA: Naoki Hirata (:nhirata)
Tracking Bugs
Litmus Tests

Background Info


The Feedback feature is feature to allow beta users to give feedback on Fennec use and allow for the ease of turning on the error console to help troubleshoot issues.

The Feedback will only appear through builds downloaded through the beta release. There are currently 4 different channels where one can download a Fennec build :

The feedback will go to :

The Feedback panel will be located in the control panel and selecting the beta icon.

Test Plan

  • Environment
    • Android Droid 2
    • Nokia N900
  • Timeline
    • The Feedback plugin will be turned on for all nightly builds for limited time to test. It will then be turned off except for the beta builds downloadable from the link above. Builds must be tested to make sure that the beta feedback is only seen for the beta builds.

Test Outline

  • UI Check
    • verify that the links are working correctly
    • verify that the buttons are working correctly
    • verify that disabling and restarting the application works correctly
    • verify that the information is sent correctly
  • Plugin Enable/Disabled
    • verify that the plugin only works for a beta release
  • Negative Test case
    • disable more than one item and restart the application
  • Content Check
    • check to see if the content is localized correctly and displays correctly
    • html web page feedback
      • try giving feedback on local pages : ie about: or chrome:// ...
      • try giving feedback on remote pages : ie web browse to, etc.