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The goal of this Overall Test Plan is to lay out testing strategy, results, and tracking for each milestone as it crosses through each channel of the Firefox development process.

All of our releases are tested off of the "Fennec 8.0 Catch-All Test Run" on the Litmus TCM.

For more information about Fennec 8.0, take a look at the mobile team's Feature Planning page.

Bugs in Release

General Responsibilities


Test Plan and Results Start Date
Nightly  07/05/2011
QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Smoketests Waverley Daily
BFTs Waverley/Feature QA Weekly
OS Integration Waverley Weekly
Bug Verification Waverley As-needed
Crash Reporting mw22 / nhirata Daily
Bug Triage MoCo team Weekly
Testday kbrosnan Once


Test Plan and Results Start Date
Aurora  08/16/2011
QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Smoketests Waverley/Feature QA Weekly
Bug Verification Waverley As-needed


Test Plan and Results Start Date
Beta  09/27/2011
QA Task Person/Group How Often?
Smoketests Waverley Once
Crash Reporting mw22 Daily
L10n Tier 1 Locale Check nhirata Once
Device Compatibility AaronMT Once
Website Compatibility AaronMT Once
Testday kbrosnan Once

Features Tracked

Feature Stage Status note Health Feature manager
Web Apps integration in Firefox for Android Development Basic support landed in Firefox 8. Additional work in progress for Firefox 9. OK Mark Finkle {{{7}}}
Encrypt local data Landed Master Password support landed in Firefox 8. Additional features (e.g. auto-generated random passwords) will be developed separately. OK Alex Pakhotin {{{7}}}

8/8+ Bug List

New Features in Fennec 8.0/8.0+: Bug list

Misc Bug fixes

  • Others:
    • Make Fennec Faster
    • Power Management:
      • bug 446418 - [meta] Investigate power management issues
      • bug 673352 webgl demo keeps playing when returning to android menu (sucking battery power)
      • bug 608440 Battery lifetime is decreased with Fennec due to background tabs
    • bug 564667 - Allow bootstrapped add-ons to have chrome
    • bug 454880 Allow access to recent history through back/forward buttons
    • bug 662936 fennec silently fails while running talos
      • azakai is working on a better stack traces with a custom-compiled libc
    • bug 616348 [meta] Web compatibility for Mobile Firefox (Fennec)
    • bug 636042 - When two fonts with the same name but different available characters exist we should be able to use characters from either one
    • bug 672304 Dom Inspector does not work for Fennec anymore
    • bug 564667 Allow bootstrapped add-ons to have chrome
    • bug 670056 no context menu in http auth dialog
    • bug 634997 - no synthetic bolding on Android
    • bug 669407 - Reduce disk space requirements for Safe Browsing

  • Sync
    • bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour


  • bug 607684 [OGL] OpenGL on mobile
  • bug 619615 - [OGL] Accelerated layers hangs Fennec and results in a phone reboot on Nexus 1
  • bug 621745 - [OGL] Duplicate urlbar flickers at bottom of awesomescreen when keyboard appears (Android + GL)
  • bug 670930 - Texture updates happen synchronously and harm interactive performance


  • bug 672661 Backspace key in Swiftkey X causes characters to be duplicated
  • bug 617298 Text input causes SwiftKey keyboard to force close
  • bug 664364 - Entering newline after Japanese in a textarea doesn't change cursor position


  • Networking
  • bug 447866 - http pipelining is bursty
  • bug 665532 - Fix unused variable warnings in nsWifiScanner*.cpp
  • Memory:
    • bug 682326
    • bug 671352 - Split chrome into multiple compartments for better accounting of JS memory used by chrome code (and add-ons)
    • bug 669346 Don't force a second GC on memory pressure
    • bug 666713 - Dynamic analysis of chrome->content operations in Firefox
    • bug 640791 - (mtools-fx5+) [meta] improve memory tools for Firefox 5+
    • {Bug|640457}} - (mslim-fx5+) [meta] memory size reductions for Firefox 5+
    • bug 671971 - Look into reducing max % of memory cache consumed by any one object
    • bug 672443 - [Jetpack] Too many compartments!

Crash Reporter:

  • bug 672287 - Get symbols for libc for most common Android installs
  • bug 668210 - Write an extension to gather Breakpad symbols from system libraries
  • bug 664510 - Get valid crashreporter reports again

7 Follow up Bug List

  • Camera Support
  • Selecting text in web content followup bugs
  • Language picker support for locales on AMO
    • bug 666973 Don't show localepicker if system locale is available
    • bug 669154 Empty button briefly visible during startup from locale picker
  • VKB:
    • bug 673291 - Show the keyboard with a magnifying glass instead of GO when in a search field

6 Follow up Bug List

  • Accelerometer: (landed in 6)
    • bug 667919 - window.ondevicemotion and window.ondeviceorientation
    • bug 673922 - API to block orientationchange
    • bug 557642 - An option should be added to disable auto-rotation
    • bug 615940 Using Device Orientation events starts an immortal rapid timer
    • bug 603336 - e10s & MozOrientation: Infinite page loading
    • bug 615597 - Implement the W3C DeviceOrientation Event Specification
    • bug 662678 - w3c device orientation spec changes
    • bug 673472 - Segfault when using acceleration event handler that calls console.log