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The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a general test plan for verifying that Search widget for Firefox is supported in Fennec.


Developer contact:

Andrei Lazar Petru Lingurar

QA contacts:

Andrei Bodea

Overall Status

[Done] : Nightly 67 in 3/15/2019

Testing Summary

Scope of testing

The testing will be focus on the results of Search widget for Firefox with various devices. Widget Value Props: Making Search more accessible ⇒ increase search counts and overall browser users. Keep all search history in Firefox and not have it split between Firefox and chrome (through use of android/chrome search widget)


Testing will be performed on following devices:


Test page:

We should test to check the results of Search widget for Firefox with various devices.

Acceptance Criteria

All Test cases have passed and all P1 bugs are fixed.

Testing details

Test Cases

  • [link [Fx 67] Search widget for Firefox

Testing days

Date: 08-03-2019

  • Created Test Plan
  • Started working on TC's

Date: 08-03-2019

  • First testing round

Date: 13-03-2019

  • First test report is sent

Date: 13-03-2019

  • The sign-off is sent pre-beta

Bug Work

  • Meta bug: bug 1518874 - [meta] Search widget for Firefox
Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Whiteboard
1526926 P1 Search Widget for Fennec Part 1 - Add search widget code base VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1526929 P1 Search Widget for Fennec Part 2 - Wire search widget component with the main component VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1526934 P1 Search Widget for Fennec Part 4 - Polish UI using the UX's team layouts VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1531679 -- Search Widget for Fennec Part 3 - Make it discoverable through Leanplum RESOLVED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1532613 -- Search widget launches Fennec without focusing address bar (every other time) VERIFIED FIXED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1532614 -- Search widget takes up too much space on Home screen VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1532617 -- Microphone icon in Search widget needs to be of higher resolution VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1532619 -- Keyboard with Enter key is not available after speech input VERIFIED FIXED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1532620 -- Update text string on Leanplum search widget prompt RESOLVED INVALID
1533361 -- The about:home is not displayed when tapping on search widget if a homepage is setup VERIFIED FIXED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1533611 -- Crashes on reopening when don't keep activities is enabled VERIFIED FIXED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1533634 P1 Do not prompt about the widget in Guest mode ASSIGNED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1533645 -- Search widget can trigger the Tab Queue prompt VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1533646 -- Tab queue blocks the search widget from opening a tab VERIFIED FIXED
1533723 -- Missing variants resources for search widget preview VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1534205 -- Search Widget wrong layout after updating period VERIFIED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1534207 -- Search Widget missing TELEMETRY probe for searches initiated RESOLVED FIXED Andrei Lazar
1534413 -- Microphone and Firefox icon are different sizes in the search widget RESOLVED WONTFIX
1534488 -- Search Widget should close the tabs tray when tapped VERIFIED FIXED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1534875 -- Widget unresponsive to taps until resize VERIFIED FIXED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1535028 P1 Search Widget pop-up notification is displayed after every restart even if it was dismissed or added to home screen NEW
1535030 P1 Dismiss button from "Try Our Search Widget" is not highlighted in some cases NEW
1535045 -- Close the 3 dot menu when the widget opens a tab VERIFIED FIXED Petru-Mugurel Lingurar[:petru]
1535418 -- "Problem loading widget" on Android Q RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1535616 P2 The Search Widget Bar cannot be resized to 1x1 dimension on Google Pixel devices NEW
1536003 P1 Update search widget user documentation NEW

26 Total; 5 Open (19.23%); 5 Resolved (19.23%); 16 Verified (61.54%);



  • All test cases should be executed
  • All blockers, criticals must be fixed and verified or have an agreed-upon timeline for being fixed


Nightly testing

  • There were no blockers found while testing this feature.
  • There are still 3 issues (bug 1533634, 1535028, 1535030) that refer to the Leanplum dialog informing users about the search widget. These depend on configuration that is to be done by the Marketing team in Leamplum CMS.

There are also 2 new bugs (bug 1535418, 1535616) that do not block the main functionality but are rather edge cases.

Beta testing NA