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The purpose of this wiki is to serve as a general test plan for checking the preferences for the Tracking Protection UI


Developer contact: X

QA: :ioanachiorean

Overall Status

[LANDED] Nightly 57.0a1


Testing Summary

Scope of testing

The testing will be focus on checking the preferences for Tracking Protection UI


Testing will be performed on following devices:

  • Phones - From Android 4.4 to 7.1
  • Tablet - From Android 4.4 to 7.1


Looking at email thread, we are going for this approach

> 1. A/B testing on options:
pref name : privacy.trackingprotection.state
> For Nightly and in-experiment Beta/Release users, we show three options:
> A. Enable
> B. Enable in Private Browsing
> C. Disabled
pref name : privacy.trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled
> For non-experiment Beta/Release users, we show two options:
> A. Enable in Private Browsing
> B. Disabled

User stories

Acceptance Criteria

Testing details

Test Cases

Testing days


  • created testplan
  • Screenshots
Nightly vs Beta

Bug Work

  • Meta bug
    • bug 1387681 - [meta] Expose the full TP preferences in release 57
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1377563 -- [Shield Opt-in] Privacy prefs breakage study NEW Peter Dolanjski [:pdol]
1389147 P2 Extend TP telemetry to release RESOLVED François Marier [:francois]
1393628 P1 Staged roll-out of full TP preferences in release 57 NEW
1409192 -- Tracking Protection page is only about Private Browsing NEW

4 Total; 3 Open (75%); 1 Resolved (25%); 0 Verified (0%);

    • bug 1399014 - Allow 'enable tracking protection in normal browsing' for release and beta channel.
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Bug fixed



  • All test cases should be executed
  • All blockers, critical issues must be fixed and verified or have an agreed-upon timeline for being fixed


Nightly testing

  • in progress

Beta testing

  • n/a