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Sign off on Services Central development train

Please see related blog post. We need to sign-off on the latest service-central builds by Monday Oct. 15th.

Here's how you can help:

  • Install the latest services-central build from for your platform(s)
  • Backup your profile(s) or create new ones to test with.
  • If you don't already have one, create an account at so you can run the test cases under Run Tests > Products : Desktop Firefox > Versions : 19 > Runs Oct. 9-15, 2012 Sync Community Test Run of services-central. (currently there is a bug in Moztrap such that test cases are not displayed in the proper order. So take a moment in the test run to sort out what seems logical; run account setup cases first, then run the sync cases, tab cases and finally the error cases)
  • If you don't already have one, create an account at so you can search for and/or file bugs
  • cc me on any bugs you file or comment in.
  • reach me via email at or in in #sync

Important links

fixes on this train

Most of these are qa- (which means there isn't a verifiable set of steps to reproduce the bug). Most of them are refactoring work. If any of these bugs look interesting, feel free to deep dive exploratory test in that area of sync.

bug 781946 - Clean up notifications usage; r=rnewman
bug 781952 - Part 1: Refactor engine syncing logic out of service.js; r=rnewman
bug 781952 - Part 2: Move cluster management out of service.js; r=rnewman
bug 781952 - Part 3: Remove unused Service._updateCluster; r=rnewman
bug 759130 - Avoid duplicate accesskey in Sync preferences; r=gps
bug 783437 - Add conditions acceptance to token server client; r=rnewman
bug 783721 - Refactor User API service interaction; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 1: Don't rely on Engines singleton in AddonsReconciler; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 2: Minimize Engines singleton usage; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 3: Don't expose ErrorHandler as a singleton; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 4: Remove unused exports from Weave; change engine loading; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 5: Partial removal of Clients singleton; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Park 6: Move StorageCredentialsController to jpakeclient.js; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 7: Bind SendCredentialsController to a Service instance; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 8: Don't expose SyncScheduler as a singleton; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 9: Refactor engines to not use singletons; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 10: Reflect API changes in TPS; r=rnewman
bug 785225 - Part 11: Burninate trailing whitespace from tests; r=rnewman
bug 786489 - Part 1: Update serverURL and clusterURL through Service; r=rnewman
bug 786489 - Part 2: Change username through Identity not prefs; r=rnewman
bug 787306 - Fix bitrotted Sync UX code; r=rnewman
bug 790397 - set deleted = false for each record stored via PUT or POST.
bug 787273 - Part 1: Remove Records singleton; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 2: Refactor Resource and Record to not rely on singletons; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 3: Don't rely on Identity in SyncStorageRequest; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 4: Refactor Identity to not be a singleton; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 5: Remove the CollectionKeys singleton; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 6: Remove Weave export from service.js; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 7: Expose Status an an instance variable on Service; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 8: Make TPS go through main.js for service instance; r=rnewman
bug 787273 - Part 9: Adjust frontend code to use main.js; r=rnewman
bug 792990 - Properly handle add-ons when resetting Sync; r=rnewman
bug 792546 - Part 1: Move rotary engine to a testing-only JS module; r=rnewman
bug 792546 - Part 2: Move fake services into testing-only JS module; r=rnewman
bug 792546 - Part 3: Move logging functions into standalone module; r=rnewman
bug 792546 - Part 4: Move utility functions to testing-only JS module; r=rnewman
bug 792546 - Part 5: Clean up excessive imports; r=rnewman
bug 790822 - Make ensureMillisecondsTimestamp convert to integer. r=gps