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RTL in 2.2 is Completed

UX spec

2.2 RTL spec

RTL feature-b2g:2.2+

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RTL blocking-b2g:2.2+

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RTL blocking-b2g:2.2?

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RTL 2.2 all bugs

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Test cases status of RTL

Feature Component Active rate Link URL Ready for test Test Status Test Run link URL
PRODUCTIVITY Clock Active(100%) http://goo.gl/ne2alf Yes Completed http://goo.gl/MnxGWa
Email Active(100%) http://goo.gl/MpqiZO Yes Completed http://goo.gl/uUTAl7
Calendar Active(100%) http://goo.gl/JDK5js Yes Completed http://goo.gl/tWVsa7
MEDIA Music Active(100%) http://goo.gl/sKmCf6 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/gztI9z
Gallery Active(100%) http://goo.gl/grf7PA Yes Completed http://goo.gl/69u84B
Video Active(100%) http://goo.gl/YsVu00 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/ZuW8tA
Camera Active(100%) http://goo.gl/QPhGEq Yes Completed http://goo.gl/hexcdF
FMRadio Active(100%) http://goo.gl/QH85XM Yes Completed http://goo.gl/NR9yP7
Ringtones Active(100%) http://goo.gl/an6i0A Yes Completed http://goo.gl/o5CbNa
COMMUNICATIONS Dialer Active(100%) http://goo.gl/7uOBP1 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/2PyHhn
Contacts Active(100%) http://goo.gl/tZoHCv Yes Completed http://goo.gl/pbovNt
Messages Active(100%) http://goo.gl/mjszOr Yes Completed http://goo.gl/yNHofy
Usage/Cost Control Active(100%) http://goo.gl/Y4FD1L Yes Completed http://goo.gl/q6nPpa
SYSTEMS PLATFORM Keyboard Active(100%) http://goo.gl/U8BPw7 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/cT8anO
Settings Active(100%) http://goo.gl/H2tdih Yes Completed http://goo.gl/f8Dsn6
SYSTEMS FE Homescreen,SmartCollections Active(100%) http://goo.gl/GlzSlG Yes Completed http://goo.gl/QUfcgW
Rocketbar Active(100%) http://goo.gl/REOZmA Yes Completed http://goo.gl/E9gKcD
Browser-window Active(100%) http://goo.gl/yzkA2T Yes Completed http://goo.gl/rIKIAl
FTE Active(100%) http://goo.gl/O0BH2K Yes Completed http://goo.gl/ly2xdN
Upgrade-tutorial Active(100%) http://goo.gl/2yYaZ7 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/UEfVGF
System Active(100%) http://goo.gl/y88orX Yes Completed http://goo.gl/npMZOp
Notifications Active(100%) http://goo.gl/Rb2HwP Yes Completed http://goo.gl/I3bbtS
Status-bar Active(100%) http://goo.gl/v41Vu7 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/H8JDXE
Search Active(100%) http://goo.gl/Oyjqg7 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/PHPzZt
utility-tray Active(100%) http://goo.gl/CVSIgQ Yes Completed http://goo.gl/p7KdH8
system dialog Active(100%) http://goo.gl/xQY6I0 Yes Completed http://goo.gl/qT6KcM

RTL Meta-Bug Table

(This is copy from https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:B2G/RTL/Meta)

For quick reference, please use following meta-bug table for RTL in 2.2 and beyond.

Camera camera-rtl
Music music-rtl
Gallery gallery-rtl
Video video-rtl
FM Radio fmradio-rtl
Ringtones ringtones-rtl
Clock clock-rtl
Email email-rtl
Calendar calendar-rtl
Messages messages-rtl
Dialer dialer-rtl
Contacts contacts-rtl
Usage cost-control-rtl
System FE
System system-rtl
Rocketbar rocketbar-rtl
Status bar status-bar-rtl
Browser Window browser-window-rtl
Search search-rtl
Systme Dialogs system-dialog-rtl
Utility Tray utility-tray-rtl
Upgrade Tutorial upgrade-tutorial-rtl
Notifications notifications-rtl
Homescreen, SmartCollections homescreen-rtl
Settings settings-rtl
Keyboard keyboard-rtl


2.2 RTL Spec: http://bit.ly/1KKxkzD

RTL TC Review: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/ReviewedTCs

RTL Feature Bug Mopad: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/rtl-2-2