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Live Phase 1
Live Phase 2
This is a planning page of a program under active development. Edit furiously!

ReMo is the code name for the Mozilla Representatives Program, a program that aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who want to be “official” Mozilla representatives in their region/locale.

We are building this! Join Us!


ReMo will provide a simple and structured framework to inform, assist and support Mozilla volunteers who want to become official representatives of Mozilla in their region. They will be known as Mozilla Reps (or MozReps).

A Mozilla Rep will have the following responsibilities:

  • represent Mozilla in their country/region
  • promote the Mozilla Project and our mission
  • build on and support existing/future local community efforts and programs
  • inspire, recruit and support new contributors
  • mentor future Mozilla Reps
  • document clearly all their activities


Here are some things ReMo specifically aims NOT to do :

  • replace or undermine efforts by existing communities of Mozilla volunteers around the world to recruit new contributors
  • become a top-down ambassador program run exclusively by Mozilla staff

Characteristics of the ReMo program

  • open to EVERYONE but rigorous membership process
  • community-driven (once ReMo has reached mature stage)
  • vertical distribution of responsibilities
  • structured and well documented
  • meritocratic
  • regular monitoring/assessment of activity

Who can be a Mozilla Rep?

Anyone who is:

  • passionate about the Mozilla Project
  • knowledgeable of the Mozilla organization, its mission, its products and its community
  • willing to communicate to as many people as possible and keen to inspire people to contribute to Mozilla

ReMo Website

ReMo will be based on specific infrastructure and a dynamic website.

More info on thinking and planning behing the website can be found on the Website planning page

Use Cases and User Tasks

A list of most common use cases and user tasks for ReMo:

  • Apply to become a Mozilla Rep (once application sent, each applicant will go through a simple but rigorous screening process)
  • Log in with your ReMo LDAP account and start updating your profile
  • See / Browse through various Events happening near him
  • Add events to ReMo calendar and become owner of these events
  • Use ReMo ticketing system to request swag or sponsorship for events
  • Peruse ReMo file repository for slide decks, presentation templates, printable materials (ie. posters, flyers, stickers)
  • Represent Mozilla at events
  • Customize and order swag for your community
  • Customize and order your ReMo business card
  • Regularly update your ReMo profile with recent activities (ie. events, presentations, contributions etc...)
  • Mentor recent Mozilla Reps and monitor their progress
  • See other ReMo activities through the ReMo planet
  • Add his blog on ReMo planet
Please add more usage scenarios!


The aim is to have 25 ReMo test-pilots (all veteran Mozilla contributors) signed up to test the platform by end of Q1 2011 and have ReMo officially roll out some time in Q2 2011

The detailed timeline and status of project components can be found at Phase 1 Plan

Summary Plan

A summary plan is available that contains details on the thinking behind ReMo as well as the structure of the program.

It can be found


Documenting the project, sharing it and gathering as much feedback as possible is critical to the successful design and implementation of ReMo. Tools and resources that will help to communicate ReMo to Mozillians and the public in general can be found on our Outreach page.


In order to communicate throughout the planning and deploying stage of ReMo, we have created several communication channels:

  • IRC You can join us on these channels on
    • #remo general channel (will be used as our main one) - if you don't have an IRC client, you can join the channel directly from your for browser
    • #remo-dev channel is for planning and deploying ReMo - if you don't have an IRC client, you can join the channel directly from your for browser
  • Mailing Lists
    • Reps-general General mailing list of Mozilla Reps
    • Reps-webdev WedDev and Infrastructure planning and building mailing list

Make sure you join our frequent meetings too!

Project leads

  • Rosana Ardila is program manager (rardila [at] mozilla [dot] com)
  • Rubén Martín is community manager (rmartin [at] mozilla [dot] com)