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ReMo will pioneer in the creation of solid and flexible contributors engagement platform to facilitate the needs of the program.

Two Phases Implementation
Warning! ReMo Website will be done in two distinct phases. First with usage of existing tools. Second as a full fledged portal. Bear with us and help on implementing :)

Phase 2 (ReMo portal)

Phase 2 Portal still needs to be clarified in terms of requirements
mockup 1 of remo portal
Visual Mockups of ReMo portal


Mozilla Reps web tools and portal is the next phase of tools for the Mozilla Reps program ( Its purpose is to provide the required tools for the day to day operations of the hundreds of Reps signed up in the program. Diversity of the Reps and Geographic distribution are key features of the program and those tools should help unify community practices and tools of mozillians around the world.



  • P1: Mentors are traversing too many (>50) wiki pages to find out if mentorees have filed reports.
  • P1: Mails are sent out in an unsustainable manner, manually, over regular intervals (monthly reminders, weekly warnings) to hundreds of Mozilla Reps.
  • P2: Swag and budget requests are triaged manually (comparing 100s per month to past-defined guidelines) over different systems and swag ordering is also done manually (filling over and over again the same fields).
  • P2: Wiki pages have an editing overhead that demotivates Reps from report and plan ahead their actions in Events
  • P3: The scalability of the current awards system (i.e. manually performed) is not scaling well with hundreds of Reps in the program.
  • P3: Meetings are fragmented with no ability to push agenda items top-down (from council to regional meetings) and logs are not kept in an efficient way (no meeting notes, and action items). Even when we have action items they are difficult to find.


  • Provide a community platform to share common practises using already existing tools or pioneering in creating new ones.
  • Resolve scalabilty issues, like metrics overview, delegation of tasks, increase efficiency of mentors (+1)
  • Resolve tedious and repetitive tasks (+1)
  • Include community in planning and building
  • Provide easy to follow procedures for common representation tasks (swag requests, event requests, budget request)


  • Usage
    • Single sign-in on all tools
    • Tight integration with platform providing added project-specifc functionality
    • Modular approach and rollout
  • Visual
    • Uniformity
    • Minimalism
    • Reuse tools (modular)
  • Developing
    • Volunteer participation
    • Modular
    • Productize of the apps in mind
    • Mobile Friendly
  • Privacy
    • Tiers per personal info
    • Viz
    • Total User control

Tools Needed

  • Profiling
    • Map
    • Info
    • Integration with mozillians
    • Mentorship
    • Rep specific details
    • Mentor
    • Events
    • Reports
    • Status/Badges?
    • Current Situation
      • Wiki Pages
  • Events
    • Creation of Events
    • Swag Requests
    • Budget Requests
    • MultiCalendar Views
    • List by type/region/participants
    • Map
    • Current Situation
      • Wiki Pages (with forms)
      • Bugzilla for requests
  • Reporting System
    • User Side
      • Create Report
      • Manage Reports
      • Templates
      • Reminders
    • Mentor Side
      • Overview of reports
    • All
      • Per mentoree
      • Per region etc
      • Rate reports
      • Reward reports
    • Reminders
      • Auto
      • On demand
      • Alerts (not filled reports)
    • Admin Side
      • General Overview
      • Discovery of tension points
    • Current Situation
      • Wiki pages for reports (only user side)
  • Voting System
    • User Side
      • Vote
      • Browse through results and intros/townhalls
    • Admin Side
      • Create Votes
    • Current Situation
      • nothing implemented
  • Planet
    • User
      • Manage his feed
      • See all posts (or sort them)
    • Admin
      • Manage all feeds
      • See all posts (or sort them)
    • Current Situation
      • Django App deployed (
      • Only admin functionality
      • No integration with profiles-users
  • Card Generator
    • User
      • KISS card generation
      • Minor modifications
      • SIG selector
      • Field Editing
    • Admin
      • Templates uploading
      • Locking fields
    • Current Situation
      • Django App deployed (
      • All above deployed except from user customization (v2 underway)
  • Swag Customization
    • User
      • Select from various artworks
      • Customize
      • Localize
      • Personalize
      • Region specification
      • Audience specification
      • Download artwork and produce locally
      • Suggestions about local production
    • Admin
      • Upload new templates
    • Current Situation
      • Nothing implemented
  • SOPs
    • Standard Operating Procedure pages
    • Step by Step guides to follow
    • Partial tool integration (depending SOP)
    • Check per step
    • "Wizard" look and feel
    • Current Situation
      • Wiki pages - no automation
  • Meetings - Logs
    • Special pages
    • IRC logs or Vidyo recordings automatically linked
    • Current Situation
      • Wiki pages - no automation


sitemap of remo portal
Sitemap draft of ReMo portal

Analysis of the proposed sitemap can be found on this Etherpad. Also a visualization was produced.


in coordination with the WebDev team, this is still highly Draft