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SIG structure is in process to be rebooted, this information is legacy and could not reflect the current status.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are groups of people within the Mozilla Reps program who have a particular interest (focus) in a specific area of the Mozilla project (eg. Marketing, localization, Support, QA, add-ons etc...).

These groups are created to enable Mozilla Reps to focus on developing specific skills and work more closely with Mozilla staff responsible for those projects. Also they act as key drivers to onboard and help new volunteers to contribute to those projects they are particularly interested in.

Not all Moz Reps are required to join a SIG, but it is strongly encouraged to be part of at least one SIG.

Each SIG can have regular meetings, or create its own toolkit based on the needs of the project.

Below you can find a list of the existing SIGs, their activities and the activities around them.

List of SIGs

SIG Case Studies

Joining a Mozilla Reps SIG

SIG Meetings