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For more on Air Mozilla, look at the Air Mozilla Project page.

Air Mozilla SIG

Air Mozilla Reps

As a part of the Mozilla Reps program, Air Mozilla Reps will help tell the Mozilla story in video. You'll be helping collect content; video recording Mozilla events. You'll help teach others in the Mozilla Community how to use open source video technologies to share and broaden your impact and reach with new and existing Contributors.

Air Mozilla Reps Program Structure

The Air Mozilla Reps SIG is structured to help augment the Air Mozilla Project. Time commitments vary. Here are a couple example roles:

Air Mozilla Stage Hands

As a Stage Hand, you'll help behind the scenes at live events. You'll be the person in the black shirt helping folks with microphones, setting up cameras and making sure AV just works.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Help onsite at Moz Spaces during live events
  • Help run behind-the-scenes support for brownbags & Project meetings
  • Work with presenters and speakers to make sure they are successful, including making sure they are properly mic'd.

Air Mozilla Advocates

As an Advocate, you will help teach. You will help others understand how to use new video technologies, how to effectively use Air Mozilla and how to embed Air Mozilla videos into new mashups. You will be part of the team that talks more closely with Community folks and will provide input into the Air Mozilla Project.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Help manage the mailing list, solicit input on Air Mozilla productions and goals
  • Work with others to evangelize the unique opportunities of open video over proprietary methods through writings, brown bags and videos
  • Promote and develop the release of sub-video elements as open content to the web through air mozilla, and work to achieve a 'view source' for open video
  • Seek out new community members and collaborate with others (Universal Subtitles team,, popcorn.js)
  • Maintain Air Mozilla blog, keep Community members aware of the state of open video.
  • Teach the Community how to integrate and use Air Mozilla

Air Mozilla Tag Editors

As Air Mozilla builds up a catalog of content, we will need help organizing and making it easily discoverable.

  • Help categorize and tag new content

Air Mozilla Content Creators

Content Creators are anyone. Sometimes you'll work with Air Mozilla Producers to get your content ready for the website. Sometimes you won't need any help.

Here's are a few examples of the sort of activities a Content Creator might do:

  • Produce, film, edit and encode video content (Project meetings, Community events, Brown Bags)
  • Record audio interviews for a weekly podcast focused on Mozilla operations, decision making processes, inner workings of teams, and product development