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Communications SIG

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Mozilla Communications Reps

The Communications Reps program, a special interest group within Mozilla Reps, will provide volunteers the education, tools and infrastructure they need to get involved with Mozilla PR efforts. Whether it be tracking Mozilla coverage in local papers, reaching out to local press via pitches and communicating announcements, or acting as an official Mozilla spokesperson in their designated locale, there are many areas of PR where Mozillians can get involved and make an impact.

Find out more below and fill out this form to join the Communications Reps Program!

The Communications Reps Program Stucture

The Communications Reps SIG is structured to allow Mozillians with different schedules to choose the level of commitment that works best for them. The group is separated into three phases of activity, determined by the amount of time spent towards Mozilla communication efforts. Each phase requires more time commitment and skill than the previous, with toolkits and rewards designed for each.

What’s the difference between a Communications Rep and an Official Mozilla Spokesperson?

A Communications Rep is a Mozillian who has a passion for Mozilla and is interested in telling the Mozilla story to others, particularly the media in their locale. This person will have an interest in proactively reaching out to the press and media with updates and news around Mozilla and Firefox, helping to inform and educate. They will be engaged in public relations activities and act as a liaison between Mozilla and the media, advancing Mozilla’s message. They will also be aware of news and trends in their local markets and keep up with the headlines in their respective locale. As Communications Representatives become more qualified, they may have the opportunity to become official Mozilla spokespeople.

An Official Mozilla Spokesperson is a Mozillian who not only has shown significant interest in Mozilla but also has accrued many hours of contribution as a Communications Rep. This person may already have some professional PR or communication experience, but that is not required. Most importantly, he or she possesses excellent writing and oral communications skills, as well as a passion for Mozilla and its story. This person will serve in a official capacity representing Mozilla and Firefox for both consumers and the media, and as such, the position demands a willingness to speak on the record and in public about the company. This role is not for everyone, and without prior experience or advanced skills this position may only be appropriate for Communication Phase 3 Reps. Successful applicants will be required to complete an intense training course and demonstrate a strong commitment to the Mozilla. They will be aware of the news and emerging market trends, both globally and within their specific region, allowing them to share this information with Mozilla and as part of their public relations work.

Communications Reps' primary responsibilities will include:

  • Coverage tracking and analysis
    • Follow industry news closely
    • Track for Mozilla/Firefox related coverage
    • Provide regular press coverage reports and analysis particularly around major launches
    • Help to correct inaccurate stories
    • Provide localization support for coverage
  • Communicate with local media and press in your locale
    • Develop media lists, write pitches and conduct press outreach around news and announcements
  • Help determine speaking opportunities
    • Stay informed of events and speaking opportunities in local community
    • Work with the Communications team to coordinate speaking opportunities for relevant Mozilla spokespeople
    • Communicate with local organizations and initiatives that may be interested in having a Mozilla presence at an event
  • Strategic market analysis
    • Research the local media landscape and take note of journalistic tone, what's commonly being said about Mozilla, etc.
    • Research local journalists' different beats and styles, compiling this information into the Comms Reps Master Media List

Communications Reps Phases

Communications Reps Phase 1 Responsibilities: (2-5 hours per week)

  • Coverage tracking
  • Coverage analysis
  • Media list creation
  • Report and make recommendations about speaking opportunities
  • Strategic market analysis
  • Incorrect coverage corrections


Communications Reps Phase 2 Responsibilities: (5 - 10 hours per week)

  • Conduct media outreach around announcements
  • Craft pitches to send to select media targets
  • Localize press materials: pitches, blog announcements, FAQs, Rev Guides, etc.
  • Attend bi-weekly calls with the comms team
  • Creating a pitch grid and editorial calendar for your locale
  • Report back pitch and coverage results


Communications Reps Phase 3 Responsibilities include:

  • Regional communication leads for your locale
  • Responsible for delegating responsibility and ensuring results are measured.
  • Ability to request spokesperson visits to your specific locale for media briefings, tours, press conferences
  • Opportunity to speak to press on behalf of Mozilla as an official spokesperson.
  • Lead communications strategy and execution


  • Budget for events and campaigns
  • Possible media training

Benefits of Being a Communications Rep

By contributing to Mozilla as Communications Reps, you will receive valuable industry experience as well as training in the public relations and communications fields. Communications Reps will receive PR training and Phase 3 Communications Reps have the opportunity to receive media training and act as an official Mozilla spokesperson. Training could potentially take place at Mozilla’s Mountain View, CA headquarters. Communications Reps will work very closely with the Mozilla communications team gaining industry expertise and insight. Communications Reps who excel can receive letters of recommendation from the Mozilla communications team or other people directly involved in the Mozilla project (like Mitchell Baker). Through the Communications Reps program you will develop valuable relationships with journalists in your locale. Each Communications Rep will also receive custom Mozilla swag!

Join Us

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