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Evangelism Reps (SIG)

Warning: Outdated Content Ahead!
SIG structure is in process to be rebooted, this information is legacy and does not reflect the current status. The new Developer Relations team is preparing to reboot this program in coordination with the new Community Development team.

The Developer Engagement team receives hundreds of speaker requests each year for events all over the world. Our Technical Evangelists such as Christian Heilmann and Robert Nyman are industry leaders and experts in spreading the word on HTML5, new web technologies, Mozilla's mission, our projects and products. Now, the Evangelism Reps program can empower any Mozillian (paid or voluntary staff) to do the same so we can extend our evangelism efforts even further!

The Evangelism Reps program is an exciting special interest group (SIG) within ReMo, with Developer Engagement helping to facilitate. It is designed for all skill levels - from beginners wanting extensive training and mentoring, to supporting Mozillians who are already partaking in speaking engagements.

Don't want to be a speaker? There are additional ways to participate in the program that can help you develop your skills and help others.

Learn more about Developer Engagement's Goals and Events Plan and see what we're up to.


  • Represent Mozilla as a well-qualified speaker.
  • Promote the Mozilla Project and our mission through events and speaking opportunities.
  • Build on and support existing and future local community efforts and programs.
  • Inspire, recruit and support new Evangelism Reps.
  • Mentor future Mozilla Evangelism Reps.
  • Document your speaking activities, provide event debriefs, report on new evangelism opportunities.
  • Connect Developer Engagement with local press, bloggers and other outlets.

Who Can Join?

Anyone! Volunteers and paid staff of all skill levels are encouraged to join.

  • If you are a new speaker that has always wanted to learn the ropes and spread the Mozilla's mission, you can take our advanced speaker training and get started.
  • If you are someone who casually gives presentations at conferences, but would like to develop your skills further, you can get an Evangelism Reps mentor to assist, or be a mentor yourself to enhance your abilities.
  • If you are a veteran speaker, you can mentor others who are aspiring to get to where you are.
  • If you are a speaker but do not have the capacity to mentor, nor feel you want more training, you can still join our Speaker Database so we can build our resources and know who you are.

Benefits and Training

There are many benefits of joining the Evangelism Reps program such as learning from the best how to deliver effective, targeted talks at small and large events. Not only will you get an expert mentor that will provide you with valuable feedback and help you develop your skills, you will have opportunities to organize local events, travel to conferences and represent Mozilla's initiatives.


  • Speaker Training - learn to be an effective speaker from one of our Technical Evangelists.
  • Mentor Program - attend speaking events, participate in joint presentations with Technical Evangelists. Ask questions, get feedback.
  • Evangelism Reps Toolkit - all the tools and resources you need to be an effective speaker and build your skills.
  • Request Budget - resources and support to attend or host an event, or get cool swag.
  • Visibility on 'Where is Mozilla' - show your expertise with speaker profiles and Open Badges (both coming soon).
  • Attend MozCamps - meet other contributors, practice your presentation skills by hosting a session, and getting additional training.
  • ReMo Tools - easily access print ads, display items and accessories.
  • Developer Engagement Team Calls - be a part of our team participate in calls and meetings (in addition to ReMo meetings).

Tools and Resources

Why reinvent the wheel? Our Technical Evangelists have a wealth of information, knowledge and tips and tricks that you can benefit from. If you are a new speaker, learn how to give effective presentations, make stunning screen casts and prepare your conference bio for the most impact. Seasoned speakers can get information on how to polish your slides, find additional speaking opportunities and follow up after conferences. Our Communications Team will provide training on how to handle the media at events, and how best to deliver Mozilla's key messages for all Evangelism Reps.

Check out:

Additional Ways to Participate

There are other ways to participate in the Evangelism Reps program if speaking to an audience is not what you are looking for. For example, you can host a local meet up in your region and invite a speakers from the Technical Evangelism team, or a high-profile Technical Leader or Developer, or even another Evangelism Rep to participate. Alternatively, we are always looking for people to help us spread the word through social media channels on upcoming speaking opportunities and events we are sponsoring. We are happy to provide you with support and resources.

Speaker Group

If you are already a speaker in the Mozilla organization or in the community, please join the MozSpeakers group on This group helps us (and others) easily find speakers to match with the right speaking opportunity.

In your Mozillians profile, please include what topics you speak about and a link to your speaking activity (blog, Lanyrd, SlideShare, etc.), so that others can get a sense of you as a speaker.

Join our Team!

We'd be delighted for you to join the Developer Engagement team and the Evangelism Reps program.

1. If you are already a part of ReMo or paid staff, please join the mailing list and let us know the following:

  • Who are you and where are you located?
  • Why do you want to join the Evangelism Reps program?
  • What are you looking to gain, skills you want to develop, what difference you want to make?
  • Links to past materials such as presentation slides, blog posts, screen casts etc.

Sending us a video of yourself answering these questions is an added bonus!

2. If you are not a part of ReMo, please fill out this application and under 'What motivates you most about joining Mozilla Reps' please add 'Evangelism Reps' and your application will be directed to the Developer Engagement Team. Joining ReMo first is extremely beneficial because of all the resources and support available to you.

3. Contact Shezmeen Prasad or Christian Heilmann if you need additional information or have any questions.

We look forward to working with you soon!