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We've made it easy for our Evangelism Reps to hit the ground running with tools and resources to improve your speaking skills, host events and have the information you need to be successful.

Speaker Toolkit

  • Other Resources:
    • How to Find Images for Presentations
    • Slide Decks with Notes
    • Tips and Tricks to Being an Effective Speaker
    • Videos and Talks from Christian Heilmann on Being a Good Speaker
    • 10 Horror Stories of Speaking, and How to Overcome Them

Mozillians' Presentations

Please share links to presentations you've given on Mozilla-related topics. Links can be to slides, recordings, etc. Please add items to the top of the list, so that the most recent ones will be listed first.

Topic Date Presenter Link
What is the presentation about? When was it presented? Who presented it? Where can I find it?

Event Toolkit

Information About Mozilla

How to deal with requests from the Press?

Get in Touch!

  • IRC Channels
    • #devrel: Discussion of anything related to developer engagement (or "developer relations", hence the channel name)
    • #mdn: General questions about MDN
  • Meetings
    • Developer Engagement meets every other Thursday at 8:00 am Pacific Time (16:00 UTC winter; 15:00 UTC summer).
    • Dial-in information: 1-800-707-2533, pin: 369, conf: 463
    • Back channel: #devrel
    • Agenda and Notes