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L10n Special Interest Group

Localization (l10n) and translation is one of the largest functional areas within Mozilla, consisting of over 170 different localization teams and nearly 3x as many localization contributors. For Mozilla, localization has been a high priority from the very beginning of the project. We understand that the key to sustaining Mozilla localization efforts is to create opportunities for new, skilled l10n contributors to make succesful contributions within their l10n team's existing framework.

By participating in this SIG, you will learn what you need to know to effectively recruit skilled localization contributors to a l10n team in a way that quickly integrates them into the l10n team's existing structure and workflow. You'll be able to work closely with l10n teams to accomplish this. You'll also be able to share l10n recruitment experiences and give feedback on what information, materials, or processes you need as a rep to support and create growth opportunies for all l10n teams.

Our focus

There are a few specific aims that we're hoping this SIG will help to promote and accomplish:

  1. Ensure that potential l10n contributors are directed to their corresponding language's localization contribution flow by using the l10n team wiki pages.
  2. Interact directly with regional l10n teams to ensure that each l10n team knows a Mozilla Rep and understands their role in helping to organize Mozilla l10n events, opportunities for l10n recruitment, and participation in regional open source and l10n events.
  3. Promote direct coordination between regional Mozilla Reps and l10n teams to organize regular MozCafes, L10n Sprints, and regional meetups.
  4. Presenting, sharing, and distributing materials and knowledge on the general Mozilla l10n process and each corresponding l10n team's workflow. Also identifying materials/knowledge needs by filing the appropriate bugs with very specific details using the required bug template.
  5. Ensuring that reps and l10n teams know what skills make a good l10n contributor and know where to find people with those skills.

Mozilla reps & l10n teams

How can Mozilla reps support l10n teams?
  • Reps should understand how the l10n teams in their region perform their l10n work, so as to not disrupt their workflow and easily integrate the new contributor into the l10n team.
  • Reps can coordinate with l10n teams to organize L10n Sprints and other l10n events.
  • Reps should understand what makes a good localizer and help l10n teams find people that fit that profile.
What events are common for l10n teams?
  • MozCafes (virtual & physical)
  • L10n Sprints (virtual & physical)
  • Regional, multi-locale meetups
  • Local open source/localization or translation-specific meetings where professionals/contributors in these fields meet.
  • Workshops to train localizers who are not necesarily familair with l10n tools/techniques (Actually planning one right now)
What if the l10n team in my region doesn't regularly host events?

Holding events is not a requirement for l10n teams; in fact, it may be that an event would disrupt the good workflow that they already have going. It's important to learn if they're interested in holding events, and if they are, offering to help them.

What is the best way to communicate between reps and l10n teams?

Recruiting for l10n teams

What makes an awesome l10n contributor?
  • Knowledge of two or more languages (preferrably English and another).
  • Prior experience, training, or education in technical translation.
  • Knowledge of common translation technology and practices (e.g., translation memory, term bases, glossary creation, machine translation, style guide use and creation, important file formats like PO, etc.)
  • Some technical skill.
  • Willingness to adapt, collaborate on a team, and take on new challenges.
  • A deep passion for the internet, users, their language, and their culture.
Where do I direct awesome potential l10n contributors to get started with l10n?
How can awesome potential l10n contributors make contributions before becoming integrated in their l10n team?

L10n materials for reps

What should every rep who performs recruiting for l10n know?

For general localization, reps should understand the general l10n release process for products.

The L10n Teams have a lot of good information already available on their l10n team wiki pages. Visit their pages to learn the following:

  • How their regional l10n teams currently recruit
  • What events they regularly organize (or would like to organize)
  • The l10n tools they use
  • How the l10n team would like to receive new contributors
  • How the l10n team performs l10n
What materials (slide decks, etc.) are currently available to use to present on Mozilla l10n?

Currently, Mozilla Reps can find contribute funnel info and a general recruitment slide deck for l10n on the ReMo Tools and Resources wiki page.

What information should I base my l10n slide deck on?

The L10n Drivers have recently been working very hard to document all of the aspects of the l10n process. These are some of the key sources to base your l10n slide decks on:

  • L10n:Localization_Process describes the product l10n process and as well as other areas of Mozilla where contributors can localize or translate content.
  • The Localization Quick Start Guide contains all of the step-by-step tutorials for localizing Mozilla products. It includes tutorials on how to use l10n tools, Mercurial, as well as how to navigate the dashboards and review process.
  • Regional l10n team's wiki pages will contain critical information unique to getting involved in that particular l10n team. They can help you understand what info is most pertinent to potential localizers of a specific locale (e.g., if you're recruiting Italian localizers, you would want to talk about the MozillaTranslator tool, not the Narro tool).
  • L10n blog posts contain tips, tricks, and other interesting l10n-specific content.
Where can I share my l10n slide deck?
  • You can upload it to wikimo and share it on this SIG page.
  • You can upload it to Slideshare, Dropbox or YouTube and link back to it on this SIG page.


Meetings have halted while we re-boot the SIG.

The etherpad for organizing the monthly meeting agenda is


Jeff Beatty - SIG Leader
Ibrahima Sarr
Benny Chandra
Biraj Karmakar
Jayakumar Sadhasivam
Michael Bauer
Tomer Cohen
Iacopo Benesperi
Eduardo Trapani
Bartosz Piec
Teo Życzkowski
Amit Kumar Thakur
Wim Benes
Tim Maks van den Broek
Mahay Alam Khan
Sayak Sarkar
Abdul Rauf
Huda Sarfraz
Sara Prussak
Rajesh Ranjan
Belayet Hossain
Naresh kumar
Tanha Islam
Khaleel Jageer