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The Keon, a Firefox OS developer preview phone, is now available to all Reps! This is a huge milestone for the Mozilla community! We have allocated a few hundred phones specifically for Reps, who, as leaders in their communities and representatives in their region, are encouraged to test the device, to demo it, to share it with their fellow Mozillians, but also to share it with local developers if they want to test the capabilities of Fx OS in a real environment.

Testing, Demo'ing and Sharing

As a Rep, you will be able to request one Keon phone by filing a swag bug (see details below). Once you have the device, you'll be expected to regularly work with the following audiences:


This phone is first and foremost a device aimed at a developer audience, to test the capabilities of Firefox OS in a real environment with a mobile network and true hardware characteristics (like the accelerometer, which measures movement, the GPS, and the camera). Getting real phones into the hands of developers enables them to explore the potential of the open Web and bring the power of it all to mobile for billions of users worldwide.


Those who can't write lines of code can also play a critical role by "dogfooding" the device. You'll be asked to use the phone yourself but also to lend it to a fellow Mozillian who is committed to using the phone and filing bugs through bugzilla whenever a problem comes up.

General Public

Showcasing the power of Firefox OS to the general public is essential to raise awareness and interest. As a Rep, you'll be asked to demo the phone at all the events you will be organizing or attending.

Reporting Bugs

If you need to fill a bug on bugzilla related to the Phone, please refer to this page prior. We ask you also to Append the bug summary to include [Keon] or [Peak]

Requesting a Keon device

To request your device, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the swag request form
  • Step 2: For the fields called "Event Name" and "Event Page", please enter the link to your Mozilla Reps profile page (yes, you will fill in your Reps profile link 3 times)
  • Step 3: For the field called "Other (please specify)", type in "Mozilla Reps Keon Device"
  • Step 4: Submit the form
Only device
Make sure to ONLY request the device, and NOT to order swag
  • Step 5: Once you submit the bug, please make sure to leave a comment, detailing your mission statement following the template found here. Make sure also to cc your mentor in the Bug CC list.
Leave a comment
Unless you leave a comment detailing your mission statement or/and cc'ing your mentor, your request will not be processed.
Once the form is submitted, a bug will be automatically filed and your request will be processed pending your mentor's approval.
Mentor role
Your mentor will need to leave a comment on your bug to approve or reject your request based on criteria defined by the Mozilla Reps Council
. If your request is approved, the phone will be shipped the following week.
Shipping the phone - Taxes and customs
Please note that in some countries there are some taxes or customs costs to pay when receiving the phone. We strongly advice you to make some research before to make your request.
  • Step 6: Update the bug once you have received it by indicating the serial number (S/N) and IMEI number of your device.
  • Step 7: The phone will come with a special leaflet with specific instructions and guidelines on how to best use your phone. A link to this leaflet will be shared on this wiki shortly.
Owning and returning
Once shipped, the device is "owned" by the Rep, meaning that (s)he is responsible for it and is in charge of lending it to fellow members of their community when required. If the device has not been used in more than 1 month or if the Rep "owning" it has not been properly reporting back his/her activities with the phone, or if the Rep has left the ReMo Program, then the Rep will be requested by his/her mentor to return the phone so it can benefit someone else.