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Build 1

  • bug 987171 - release runner attempts to tag with the same tag multiple times in some situations
  • Bouncer submitter failed because of typo
    • landed the patch
    • transplanted to production
    • tagged FIREFOX_29_0b2_RELEASE FIREFOX_29_0b2_BUILD1
    • Deleted Firefox-29.0b2* products in Bouncer Admin
    • hit Rebuild

Reprocess the fuel rods^W^W update snippets

bug 979599 asks us to show a whatsnew page after the update, but only for updates from 28.0 beta or older. Since only have global support for versions when generating snippets, we need to do some manual work to exclude 29.0b1. Turns out we don't need to do anything to accomodate this, we can set the appropriate changes in all snippets but they only have an effect if the Firefox version changes. See page history for work that was done and undone.