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Schedule / Location / Call Information

Other communication channels

  • #planning for back channel
  • This etherpad for real-time notes

Talking Points


  • we reacted quite well to the need for 2 betas in 2 days over the weekend
  • need to find ways to improve our proactivity
  • ibeta testplan for blocklist changes was prepared but not executed due to the transition
  • need to keep in mind that purchasing an affected config is an option


  • 10.0.3esr g-t-b
    • glad we went to build a week early because we found the channel issue
    • in the future we'll vend out nightlies a week early as a "beta", as we ended up doing for 10.0.3
  • RelEng/IT delays
    • Updates didn't end up getting throttled properly
      • Added manual check to process
      • It'd be great to have QA check that automatic updates are disabled
    • Configuration of mirrors was wrong (internal mirrors only, no public)
      • Working with IT to figure out a fool-proof process


  • Letting us know about structural changes in advance, especially those that are difficult to QA


  • When we chemspill, we need to be more mindful of security ride-alongs

Beta Growth

  • Grew Beta ADI to over 50% and over 2mm downloads from campaigns in the last month
  • Update betas 4.0b7 through 9.0b6 to 11.0b5
  • Working with metrics to better understand current beta users based on:
    • Top Add-ons
    • Top Plugins
    • Domains
    • Geographic Locations
    • Product Localizations
    • Platforms and OS Versions
  • Action Items:
    • User Survey/Test Pilot - to understand why users are staying in old betas
    • Initial Investigation: Prompting x% of GA users to opt-in to beta
    • continuing to grow Firefox Beta

Throttling Strategy

  • All good on throttling - just causes more churn for RelEng/QA
  • We'll continue to unthrottle for 2 days, then throttle until we've sifted through the feedback