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Schedule / Location / Call Information

Other communication channels

  • #planning for back channel
  • This etherpad for real-time notes

Talking Points


  • 5/31 Final RC go to build given
  • 6/5 Release date, unthrottled
  • 6/7 Throttled to evaluate feedback
  • 6/15 13.0.1 released, Fully unthrottled

Final Betas

  • bug 90268 – move plugins to content - plugins should withstand a reframe of the object frame
    • bug 724781 – Java related crash with deleted this | [@ nsPluginInstanceOwner::Destroy() ] [@ nsObjectFrame::SetInstanceOwner(nsPluginInstanceOwner*) ]
    • bug 719117 – Crash @ mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak_P | nsIFrame::GetOffsetToCrossDoc with abort message: "###!!! ABORT: trying to get the offset between frames in different document hierarchies?"
    • bug 759788
    • bug 760190 – OOM crash in `anonymous namespace'::CSSParserImpl::ParseSelector or ParseSelectorGroup
    • bug 757262 – Youtube keeps playing audio after closing


  • bug 764546 – Temporary fix for: Hotmail no longer auto-updates (due to "globalStorage" removal)
  • bug 756850 – Some combinations of Hebrew vowels and consonants not displayed in certain fonts with harfbuzz
  • bug 747683 – [adbe 3172259] Crash Report [@ LdrShutdownProcess ] with Flash 11.3 "Protected Mode for Firefox"
  • bug 733614 – CSS 'height' property on a multi-column block is not respected



  • Is there anything that could have been done to mitigate the third-party crash-spill?
  • Is there anything QA can do to inform third-party QA processes? Are/can they be QAing their own software with the "next" Firefox release?


  • What is the cause of slow uptake rate since 13.0.1 was released unthrottled?
    • Similar slow uptake was seen after 10.0.1 chemspill was unthrottled on February 12.
    • Possibly a seasonal difference -- slower uptake in winter and summer than in spring?
    • After a chemspill, users still on previous major must download a full update (~20MB) instead of partial (~8-10MB).
    • We are still upgrading old versions to 12.0 first, for OS compatibility notification.






  • Cover new Firefox changes as part of channel meetings after m-c->m-a uplift
  • Add Windows Messenger to our test plans
  • Perform more exploratory testing around a regression when deciding to wontfix
  • Follow up with engineering about nominating critical bugs (bug 756856)
  • Leave backouts to the engineers (bug 733614)
  • Follow up on slow uptake of FF13.0.1