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Schedule / Location / Call Information

  • Tuesday, 6/19/2012 @ 9:00 am PT
  • Vidyo Dial In: Release Coordination
  • Physical: MV Warp Core, 3rd floor
  • Dial-in: (650) 903-0800 x92 99951#

Other communication channels

  • #planning for back channel
  • this etherpad for real-time notes

Talking Points

Previous Actions

  • Cover new Firefox changes as part of channel meetings after m-c->m-a uplift
  • Add Windows Messenger to our test plans
    • Added to 15/16 test plans
    • Can't be automated, so manual for now
  • Perform more exploratory testing around a regression when deciding to wontfix
    • No action necessary, but noted
  • Follow up with engineering about nominating critical bugs
  • Leave backouts to the engineers (bug 733614)
    • No action taken, which is right
  • Follow up on slow uptake of FF13.0.1
    • Multiple partials created for 14.0.1


  • 7/13 Final RC for 14.0.1 go to build given
  • 7/17 Release date, unthrottled
  • 7/19 Throttled to evaluate feedback (maybe late because of CDN and partials?)
  • 7/26 14.0.1 fully unthrottled (took our time here to unthrottle, to wade through feedback more)

Final Betas

  • bug 763261 – crash in nsHttpConnection::OnReadSegment @ SocketWrite with Korean IMEs
  • bug 530074 – Crash [@ StrChrIA ] from winsock and shlwapi.dll (LSP, evil *x86.dll module, or BitDefender)
  • bug 771802 - More Blocklist RealPlayer Download Plugin add-ons
    • RealPlayer changed their extension ID on their latest update, and they had 2 known IDs already.


  • bug 775090 – Firefox startup crash in PR_EnumerateAddrInfo | PR_GetHostByAddr
  • Silverlight/Netflix
  • bug 775724 – [adbe 3294668] Bejeweled Blitz is unusably slow with Flash 11.3 on Windows 7


  • Having Socorro releases during or right after release [marcia]
    • Believe this has been addressed for future releases
    • Socorro staging has been down so they didn't test as well as they should, is being worked on, shouldn't happen in the future.


  • External issues around Flash, but not 14.0.1 specific



  • Will follow up


  • Q: How'd 6:45AM PT (push) with 8:00AM PT (live) work for you?

A: Worked really well - this enables us to catch the news cycle in Europe which is fantastic. Also fantastic to be live by 8am Q: how much do we think this contributed to better uptake?


  • checked with Erin in IRC, nothing to note


  • No more support work weeks over release :)
  • Silverlight was difficult to see



  • [RelMan] Throttle initial updates earlier (same day?) if using CDN and additional partials is getting us people faster onto update (aiming for 20 million)
  • [RelMan] Partials are a go for 15 (how far back?), CDN though?
    • Confidence in resulting update
  • [RelMan] Include QA and Support on release notes review
  • [Egr] Investigation of bug 775090
  • [Product] Click-to-play is popular, even in about:config
  • [Product] Partnering with 3rd party plugin developers, or other
  • [PR] Messaging around what can be rolled back to fix plugin issues