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Schedule / Location / Call Information

  • Tuesday, @ 9:00 am PT
  • Physical spaces: MTV-3G, MTV-3V,SFO-7N, TOR-5G
  • Vidyo Room: Release Coordination
  • Back Channel - #planning

Other communication channels

  • #planning for back channel
  • This etherpad for real-time notes (we'll copy the wiki page in at the beginning of the meeting, and out at the end)

Previous Actions

  • [akeybl] - please add kbrosnan, Jishnu & Alex Fowler to the standing meeting for post mortem invite - DONE
  • [bajaj] Find out severity of these Radeon crashes from the crash-kill team - DONE
  • [akeybl/kbrosnan] bring up programmatic mobile blocklist testing at Friday's gfx meeting - DONE
  • [bajaj] Add :bc to crash-kill to see how socorro to can read the UI to find useful information for these top-crashes - DONE, and following up at the Stability work week
  • [bajaj] Releng,QA sections to be followed up in channel meeting - DONE

Talking Points

  • Still on the tracking noms list:
    • 888917 – Can't Install Version 22 because Norton Quarantined Mozilla Firefox Setup.EXE WS Reputation.1
    • 890762 – Fonts are reported as too big after updating to FF22 (and font issues in general)
    • Norton toolbar loss on update



  • Final beta/RC build occurred on 6/17
  • We spun up a radeon build, but it was unnecessary this release
  • Mobile signed off by QA on 6/20
  • Desktop signed off by QA on 6/24
  • Released on 6/25 before 8AM PT

Desktop Throttling

  • Unthrottled after the channel meeting on 7/2

Final Beta's




Mobile QA


  • Yandex store prompted for a High res icon
  • Hope to add big red buttons to let RelMan push releases this quarter


Marketing & Press


  • akeybl will follow up with KaiRo - new ARMv6 crash was the only mentioned in crash-kill



We were a little hamstrung by Firefox OS and vacation so we weren't as well-staffed as usual.




  • akeybl to follow up with tracy about filing bc bugs
  • akeybl to look into major features in chemspill releases, and amount of change taken
  • cheng to follow up with tyler about font dropoff (possibility of hotfix)