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Features/Release Tracking
Feature accessibility lead `  +
Feature accessibility notes `  +
Feature accessibility review `  +
Feature accessibility status `  +
Feature additional members `  +
Feature dependencies See the [ complete dependency tree].  + , `  + , * [
* [ bug 578179] - Option to wrap text to screen width rather than container width * [ bug 611555] - should reflow on zoom [see dependencies for related bugs] * [ bug 627842] - Allow minimum font size based on size of frame * [ bug 598736] - Use higher-quality image scaling. (Affects readability of text in IMG elements.)
ects readability of text in IMG elements.)  +
Feature engineering notes `  +
Feature engineering status `  +
Feature engineering team Mobile front-end  + , Mobile platform  + , Networking  + , DOM  + , Graphics  + , Layout  +
Feature feature manager Mark Finkle  + , `  + , Alex Pakhotin  + , Doug Turner  + , Thomas Arend  + , Madhava Enros  + , Jeff  + , Sheila Mooney  +
Feature functional spec `  + , * [
* [ Summary of our most recent discussion] Finkle is working on a proof of concept restartless add-on. We can use an AMO API to retrieve locales. The add-on is using Brian's design as a guide for the selection UI.
's design as a guide for the selection UI.  +
Feature health OK  + , `  + , At risk  +
Feature implementation notes `  + , * Infrastructure ** [https://bugzilla.mozi
* Infrastructure ** [ bug 634679] - Language pack add-ons installed on nightly builds must remain compatible * Design ** <s>[ bug 653141]</s> (FIXED) - allow language choice on first-run ** [ bug 658278] - revise language pref UI to match new system
evise language pref UI to match new system  +
, *[ bug 592772] - Fennec should offer to use master password *[ bug 540975] - Warn me before syncing passwords if I have Master Password enabled  + , *[ bug 645848] - Enable disk cache in Fennec and set reasonable size and location  + , * <s>[ bug 625229]</s> (FIXED) - Make side panes easier to discover on first-run  + , *[ bug 619494] - e10s: Make IndexedDB work in multi-process Fennec *[ bug 618581] - IndexedDB: Adjust quota for mobile use  + , * [
* [ bug 627868] - Create a way to zombie-ify tabs after a threshold number of open tabs * [ bug 604463] - <s>Request for session store to retain the browsing history</s> * [ bug 653669] - <s>Undo a closed tab of an incompletely loaded page will close it</s> * [ bug 635133] - <strike>Can only restore one tab via the undo close tab</strike> (WONTFIX) * [ bug 630398] - <strike>Session store doesn't save session data quickly enough</strike> * [ bug 628979] - <strike>Restore tabs / session is not consistent</strike> * [ bug 604268] - <strike>Undo-closed-tab doesn't remember a tab until around the time it's fully loaded</strike> * [ bug 644993] - <s>Undo close tab doesn't refresh the content in a SSL Error page</s> * [ bug 638167] - <s>Session store (undo close tab) should remember scroll position</s> * [ All mobile sessionstore bugs]
sessionstore All mobile sessionstore bugs]  +
, * [
* [ bug 647476] - I can't add a Sync device using a Synced Fennec * [ bug 627185] - Allow syncing of Desktop Firefox themes to Mobile firefox themes * [ bug 620493] - <strike>Allow Sync Key to be viewed in Fennec UI</strike>
y to be viewed in Fennec UI</strike>  +
, * [ bug 636339]  + , * Infrastructural changes ** [https://bugz
* Infrastructural changes ** [ bug 380401] - multiple uses of flags should be anded (in chrome manifests) ** [ bug 650390] - <strike>osversion in chrome.manifest files should query android os version</strike> ** [ bug 650388] - <strike>Add media queries to support styling various Android themes</strike> ** [ bug 649820] - <strike>Change browser CSS based on Android OS version</strike> ** [ bug 641906] - <strike>Use system theme colors in nsLookAndFeel on Android</strike> * Design changes ** [ bug 653134] - Create Fennec Gingerbread theme ** [ bug 653136] - <s>Create Fennec Honeycomb theme</s>
gt;Create Fennec Honeycomb theme</s>  +
, Finkle has a restartless add-on that is be
Finkle has a restartless add-on that is being used to prototype the selection handle behavior and technical implementation. * [ bug 652168] - Add cursor positioning thumb controls to edit boxes * <s>[ bug 661388]</s> (FIXED) - Support selecting text in web content * <s>[ bug 659022]</s> (FIXED) - Implement copy from content
> (FIXED) - Implement copy from content  +
, * [ bug 582048] - Make network error pages mobile friendly * [ bug 654733] - Stop using 'computer' in offline storage notifications  + , * [ bug 470876] - Enable anti-phishing support in Fennec * [[Fennec/Features/safebrowsing]] - Safe browsing back-end implementation  + , * [
* [ bug 470876] - anti-phishing support not in fennec * See also [[Fennec/Features/mal]] for safe browsing front-end work. * [ bug 672284] - Optimization for some cases allowable or not * [ bug 673470] - Replace the sqlite safeb store with a flat file * [ bug 669410] - Use a PrefixSet to reduce amount of times SQLite DB must be queried
amount of times SQLite DB must be queried  +
, * <s>[
* <s>[ bug 598736]</s> (FIXED for Firefox 6) - Use higher-quality software scaling on devices with NEON support * <s>[ bug 669851]</s> (FIXED for Firefox 7) - Use higher-quality software scaling on devices ''without'' NEON support * [ bug 650988] - Do image scaling on the GPU with OpenGL layers ** Depends on [[Platform/Features/GLESAcceleratedLayers]]
[Platform/Features/GLESAcceleratedLayers]]  +
, * *  +
Feature implementation plan `  +
Feature landing criteria `  +
Feature lead engineer [[User:Mbrubeck|Matt Brubeck (mbrubeck)]], Chris Lord (Cwiis)  + , `  + , Alex Pakhotin  + , Geoff Brown  + , Mark Finkle  + , Fabrice Desre  + , Gian-Carlo Pascutto (:gcp)  + , Gian-Carlo Pascutto  + , Matt Brubeck  + , David Baron  +
Feature list Mobile  +
Feature localization lead `  +
Feature localization notes `  +
Feature localization review `  +
Feature localization status `  +
Feature name Tablet UI - Main browser layout  + , L10N: Better first-run experience / language choice  + , Encrypt local data  + , Use disk cache on Mobile  + , Better first-run / Browser discoverability  + , Enable IndexedDB local storage for mobile  + , Session Store Enhancements  + , Sync Enhancements  + , Better integration for form assistant on Android  + , Visual Refresh (Gingerbread)  + , Android-style text selection handles  + , Rewrite/mobilize UI text  + , Anti-malware/phishing - front-end  + , Safebrowsing Back-end  + , High-quality image scaling  + , Text Readability  +
Feature non-goals * 100% perfect fidelity to Honeycomb widgets/conventions.  + , `  +
Feature open issues and risks `  + , Pike's list: *Are there '''existing lang
Pike's list: *Are there '''existing language packs on AMO'''? [ The list] doesn't show any, but as far as Pike knows, that's only blessed ones. *Who'd be the "'''owner'''" of language packs? Mostly a question of attribution vs permissions. And with respect to [] : *Right now,'''restartless add-ons''' exclude modifications to the chrome registry. No idea how far folks are in fixing that. Need :bs, mossop? *Where do we get the'''localized UI buttons and language names''' from for the startpage UI? Both from localizers to us, and from us to the browser. How does this differ for langpacks we build and langpacks contributed by outside community? *How do we '''localize default bookmarks'''? Probably involves timing of language selection/installation and profile initialization, and/or a feature request on places.
ation, and/or a feature request on places.  +
, * L10n load?  + , related to - waiting to complete back-end; also working on reducing file size on mobile device.  + , We need to choose a high-level approach.
We need to choose a high-level approach. The table below lists a few that we have considered; there may be other options, or some combination. This feature has many potential issues with website compatibility. Whichever approach we choose will probably require iteration and tuning, so we should plan to have it enabled in Nightly for close to a full release cycle before enabling it on Aurora. (This means that if we start development work in the middle the Firefox 6 cycle, then we should probably plan on shipping the feature enabled no sooner than Firefox 7.) <table class="fullwidth-table"> <tr> <td>Approach</td> <td>Pros</td> <td>Cons</td> </tr> <tr> <td> '''Fennec 4.0 style''' - On double tap, change minimum font size based on width of tapped element ([ bug 611555]).</td> <td> * Was possible to implement mostly in the front-end, late in the 4.0 cycle * Does not affect layout of pages until they are zoomed. </td> <td> * Does not work well with pinch zoom. * Mangles layout of some pages. * Does not work well with elements like input fields. * Requires re-layout after zoom (can be slow). </td> </tr> <tr> <td> '''Android style''' - On zoom, re-wrap text based on the zoom level ([ bug 578179]). </td> <td> * Works well with pinch zoom - the user can zoom text to any size and it will still fit on screen. * Android users expect it and like it. * Does not affect layout of pages until they are zoomed. * Does not mangle layout on most pages. * Works well with elements like input fields. </td> <td> * Requires re-layout after zoom (can be slow). * Will still mangle layout on a few pages. </td> </tr> <tr> <td> '''iPhone style''' - Set a minimum font size per element based on its text width ([ bug 627842]). </td> <td> * Does not require re-layout after zoom. * With proper tuning, does not mangle layout on most pages. * Can probably work well with elements like input fields. </td> <td> * Does not work well with pinch zoom. * Will still mangle layout on a few pages. * Alters layout on pages even before they are zoomed. * For Safari, web developers often work around layout mangling by adding -webkit-text-size-adjust CSS styles. Will they bother doing similar work for Fennec? * May not meet Android user expectations. * Some implementation issues need to be worked out to avoid feedback loops in the layout engine. </td> </tr> </table>
ne. </td> </tr> </table>  +
Feature operations lead `  +
Feature operations notes `  +
Feature operations review ` +
Feature operations status `  +
Feature overview Optimizing Fennec for larger tablet devices, e.g. by adjusting UI elements, buttons, font size.  + , Guide user to configure languages and pers
Guide user to configure languages and personalize Firefox on first run. Goal: reduce amount of locales packaged into apk & create better first-run experience for non-English native speakers for starting up Fennec in their language We create language XPIs for many more languages than we ship in the multi-locale build. It's hard for users to find and install these locales. Putting our language XPIs on AMO, with a proper landing page, would be a big help. It would also be used as the foundation to the improved language firstrun experience. Perhaps the AMO landing page could _be_ the firstrun experience if the OS locale is not the current Firefox locale.
locale is not the current Firefox locale.  +
, Encrypt local data (passwords, etc): adds a level of security, even in the case of a stolen device - "like master password, but without the UX disaster."  + , Use disk cache for potential performance improvements. This feature needs a short-term solution.  + , Guide users on first run. Help them discover and understand features like side panels, awesome screen, sync, bookmarks, gestures, etc.  + , Enable local database storage for web apps.  + , Enhance Session Store for better performan
Enhance Session Store for better performance and memory management and for a smoother user experience, e.g. faster restart on crash or after Android killed the process in the background. Pick up where user left off (e.g. after crash or when terminated in background), adding session history (currently: only save last URL), performance improvements.
save last URL), performance improvements.  +
, Optimize Firefox Sync on mobile devices, e.g. add "Add a device" and "view sync key" features. "Add a device" - Need UI for good user flow (stronger UI case for add a device).  + , Improve integration of Fennec form assistant with Android for smoother user experience.  + , `  + , Rewrite text in Fennec that is not mobile friendly: text blocks that are too long, reference desktop-only concepts (mostly inherited from desktop Firefox), or that are just too jargonful.  + , Protect users from malware and phishing attacks. Define level of protection, understand performance implication, identify data that lives on device, etc. requires technical services, legal review.  + , Safe browsing backend: server-side features that checks URLs against a list of blacklisted URLs to keep the user safe. Needs to be small, fast, secure, etc.  + , Mobile Firefox 5 and earlier always used n
Mobile Firefox 5 and earlier always used nearest-neighbor interpolation because its high-quality scaling algorithms weren't fast enough to keep up with fast scrolling or zooming on ARM-based mobile hardware. This feature is about switching to high-quality image scaling while balancing the impact on page rendering speed. Firefox 6 (currently on the beta channel) now has a high-quality "bilinear" interpolation algorithm implemented in optimized assembly using NEON, a SIMD instruction set supported by most recent ARM cores except for the Nvidia Tegra core found in the most other Honeycomb tablets, and also some recent high-end phones). Images look much nicer in Firefox 6 on most current Android phones, but not on Tegra-based tablets or phones. For some details, see [ bug 598736]. For Tegra devices like the Xoom, we don't have fast bilinear interpolation code. On the Aurora channel for Firefox 7 we are switching to bilinear scaling anyway; this makes images look nicer but the also take longer to render when scrolling or zooming. See [ bug 669851] for discussion of this change. It may also be possible to do high-quality scaling on all devices without regressing our rendering speed, either by writing separate optimized ARM code for Tegra devices, or by turning on OpenGL accelaration and doing image scaling on the GPU [ bug 650988]. bug 650988].  +
, Optimize zoom, reflow, and font sizes for best text readability.  +
Feature priority P1  + , P2  +
Feature privacy lead `  +
Feature privacy notes `  +
Feature privacy review `  +
Feature privacy status `  +
Feature product manager Thomas Arend  + , Jay Sullivan  +
Feature product marketing lead `  +
Feature product marketing notes `  +
Feature product marketing status `  +
Feature products notes `  +
Feature products status `  +
Feature project `  +
Feature qa lead Tony Chung, Naoki Hirata  + , Aaron Train  + , Ioana Chiorean [[irc:// ioanachiorean irc]] [[ e-mail]]  + , Martijn Wargers  + , Kevin Brosnan, Andreea Pod  + , Anna Moldovan [[ e-mail]],ioana.chiorean [[irc:// ioanachiorean irc]] [[ e-mail]]  + , Naoki Hirata  + , ioana.chiorean [[irc:// ioanachiorean irc]] [[ e-mail]]  + , Cata Suciu [[irc:// CataSuciu irc]]  + , Andreea Pod [[ e-mail]]  +
Feature qa notes `  +
Feature qa review * [ Test Plan]  + , * [ QA Test Plan]  + , `  + , * [ QA Test Plan]  + , * [[Fennec/Features/indexdb/TestPlan | QA Test Plan]]  + , * [[Fennec/Features/sessionstore/testplan]]  + , * [[Fennec/Features/formass/testoutline|test outline]]  + , * [ Test Plan]  + , * [[Fennec/Features/androidcopypaste/TestPlan|QA Test Plan]]  + , * [[Fennec/Features/mobitext/Test_Plans]]  + , * [[Fennec/Features/imgscale/testplan]]  +
Feature qa status `  + , [ Testplan]  +
Feature rank 999  +
Feature requirements * Improved user experience on tablets, especially 10-inch Android tablets. * Fit in better with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) UI.  + , * [ Summary of our most recent discussion]  + , `  +
Feature roadmap Firefox Mobile  +
Feature secondary roadmap `  + , Firefox Mobile  +
Feature security health `  + , OK  + , Assigned  + , At risk  +
Feature security lead `  + , Curtis Koenig  +
Feature security notes `  + , [[Security/Reviews/localdataencryption|Notes]]  + , imelven  + , Review: 08.19 [[Security/Reviews/Firefox7/ReviewNotes/FennecSessionStore|Notes]]  + , 2012.01.31: curtisk changed status to unnecessary due to info from kbrosnan  + , reviewed by: imelven  + , [[Security/Reviews/mal|Notes]]  + , [[Security/Reviews/Firefox10/SafeBrowsingFennec|Notes]]  + , fuzzing?  + , Jesse added the relevant prefs to the DOM fuzzer. [ bug 718290]  +
Feature security review `  +
Feature security status pass  + , sec-review-unnecessary  + , sec-review-complete  + , sec-review-needed  + , fuzzing  +
Feature stage Landed  + , Development  + , On hold  + , Shipped  +
Feature status In progress  + , Complete  + , `  +
Feature status note Landed for Firefox 9. Ongoing polish and bug-fixing work will happen in Firefox 10 (Nightly) and Firefox 9 (Aurora).  + , basic functionality landed, more to come i
basic functionality landed, more to come in Firefox 8 and 9 - In 7 users can choose one of the languages in the multi-locale pack. All language packs will move to AMO with Fx9, while Firefox 9 for Android will be delivered in en-US only - in that version, the first-run will detect the Android OS language and auto-install languages from AMO.
guage and auto-install languages from AMO.  +
, Master Password support landed in Firefox 8. Additional features (e.g. auto-generated random passwords) will be developed separately.  + , Some [[Mobile/Cache|investigation]] completed; some patches started but currently on hold  + , `  + , Some follow-up bugs being fixed in Firefox 8 and 9  + , Some patches landed, but not enabled yet because of bugs.  + , Slipped due to back-end issues. Trying to reduce required file size on mobile device.  + , Landed in Firefox 6 for NEON devices, and in Firefox 7 for non-NEON (Tegra) devices.  + , Core code has landed in time for Firefox 11; uncertain whether the heuristics for dealing with Web pages are going to be able to be in shape in time (or how much change will need to happen to get them in shape).  +
Feature theme `  + , Security, Privacy  + , Experience  +
Feature users and use cases `  +
Feature ux design Current designs: * [
Current designs: * [ Mock-ups] Older ideas and presentations: * [ UI wireframes] -- Read image captions in Flickr for more details * [ Visual design concepts] * [ Slides from all-hands presentation are here] * 2011-07-21: [ Tab concepts] Tab concepts]  +
, * [[Mobile/Projects/Firstrun language choice]]  + , `  + , There are several different concepts we ca
There are several different concepts we can explore for first-run discoverability, as well as a few other ideas that might aid discoverability while the users are in product. ==== '''First-run Concepts''' ==== '''Idea #1:''' The idea here would be to show the user a walk-through video with a dummy hand. This would be the most failsafe idea because we would show users exactly how to operate the UI. The negative here, is that it is very heavy-handed and assumes that our users don't know how to operate a touchscreen. '''Idea #2:''' Essentially the same as idea #1, except we wouldn't show the dummy hand. '''Idea #3:''' The idea here would be to take out any extraneous elements of the tutorial, such as the hands and/or notes. This idea is necessary because the notes are going to be hard to localize. '''Idea #4:''' This idea is basically the same as #3, except we show the sidebar coming out of the same time. The advantage here is that it is much quicker, however it illustrates a state of the why they can never actually happened. '''''UX Recommendation: Idea #3''''' ==== Additional Concepts ==== '''Translucent Sidebars:''' One of the reasons the sidebars are so hard to find is because they are pinned all the way to the side of the webpage. In addition to discoverability, this is also a problem because the user has to move away from the spot in the page they're currently looking at just to get to the sidebars. The idea here is that an "accelerator gesture", such as a double finger swipe, will bring a sidebar out in a translucent state. This would not conflict with the way the sidebars usually act. As you can see from the video, as the user swipes to the side, the translucency goes away. '''New tab animation:''' Another discoverability problem that we have is that users don't know where their tabs are. We could add "new tab" to the android menu. When the users opens a new tab from the android menu, we would show this interstitial animation that would message to the user where their new tab resides.
e to the user where their new tab resides.  +
, * list of current sync UI problems: * [ Gerv's "Borrow this Firefox" idea]  + , If we could use the native method, we'd do
If we could use the native method, we'd do so, so, instead, we have to mimic it, much as we do with the Android Menu. This page here has a description of the behavior: <blockquote>'''One-touch word selection and copy/paste'''<br>When entering text or viewing a web page, the user can quickly select a word by press-hold, then copy to the clipboard and paste. Pressing on a word enters a free-selection mode — the user can adjust the selection area as needed by dragging a set of bounding arrows to new positions, then copy the bounded area by pressing anywhere in the selection area. <Br> <br> <br> <br>For text entry, the user can slide-press to enter a cursor mode, then reposition the cursor easily and accurately by dragging the cursor arrow. With both the selection and cursor modes, no use of a trackball is needed. <br> <br> </blockquote> <b>Text Overflow</b> We should also consider cases where text flows off the edge of a field, and how to get back to that to make changes. Android's native form fields handle this in two ways, as shown in this mockup: 1. Pressing and holding to activate a cursor, and then dragging that cursor to the edge of the field to scroll text. 2. Dragging the text back and forth through the field, and then long pressing to insert a cursor.
and then long pressing to insert a cursor.  +
, * [ bug 651860] - revise safebrowsing UI for mobile  + , === Design of record === The design is to
=== Design of record === The design is to create a hybrid approach that has the benefits of iOS-style font inflation on page load, but that also covers the cases where Android-style reflow zoom is preferable. The approach described here should achieve readable font sizes, even when some reflow is required, without creating blocks of empty whitespace as in the native Android method. * The advantage to the initial font-inflation is that it's quick and results in: ** and initial page where text should be a little to much more readable even without zooming in; often this won't be enough to really read an article on a news page, but might be enough to let a user see if he/she is interested in zooming in ** a font size for the "body" article text on a page that, when zoomed into by either pinch or double-tap, is close to an optimal reading size without any reflow required (that body font, on page load, was inflated to a size that would be readable when zoomed into such that the column fits the screen). When this is good enough, it is a seamless experience from the user's experience * The shortcoming is that sometimes the body text cannot be inflated enough to be readable when zoomed without that font, at full zoom out, looking comically big; on iOS, then make a compromise by picking some in between font size, which means that, even on zoom in, the font is still not big enough to be readable. ** To do something about this last case is where the Android-style mechanism comes in, though in our case, we're going to try accomplishing it with more font inflation, on double-tap. So, the approach is to: # On page load, inflate the font size of the "body" part of the page. As on iOS, this requires some heuristics so that areas of the page where font inflation would break the page layout (anything in a table, sidebar areas, etc.) do not get inflated. The inflation that does take place should increase the body font size such that, when that area is zoomed to fit by pinch-zooming, the font is at a good baseline readable size. This size may not be quite as large as our optimal size. # If step 1 does not get us to where we want to be, we will pursue step 2 which will apply a more aggressive metric on double tap ## On double-tap of a particular area, the browser should further inflate the font size of that particular area if necessary to get to our optimal reading size. I think (someone correct me) that this involves some reflow. This would not happen on pinch zoom -- just on doubletap, because then we know exactly what block a user is trying to read. ## Zooming back out, either by double-tap or pinch, would return the page to its initial font-inflated state (i.e. what the page looked like on load) ## Double-tap zooming to a further-in nested area would further apply the aggressive inflation to that area to ensure its readability === Older Discussion === Some rough specs for two of the options above. (See also [!topic/ this newsgroup discussion].) The following sections describe two approaches to making designed-for-desktop web pages readable on phones. Of the two, the '''UX team's preference is for the first one: Android-style reformat on zoom.''' It is what android users are used to, and it solves a broader range of readability cases. ==== Android/Opera-style re-wrapping ([ bug 578179]) ==== When the user zooms the page, all text on the page reflows so that lines of text are no longer than the screen width, even if the containing box is wider than the screen. Only line wrapping is affected; the widths of block-level CSS elements are unchanged. We might choose to do this only when the user double-taps on a piece of text, or for both double-tap and pinch zoom actions. If the user double-taps to zoom, then the browser will align the left edge of the tapped block to the left side of the screen (so the re-wrapped lines of text will fit entirely on the screen). If the user pinches to zoom (and if we enable this feature for pinch zoom), then after zooming the browser should re-wrap text and then pan the page if necessary to move lines of re-wrapped text onto the screen. (This panning would occur only in cases where the rewrapped text ends up partly on-screen and partly off-screen. In cases where there is text partly off-screen in more than one direction, we would a rule to pan to the closest piece of text, or the largest, or whatever.) This feature be enabled/disabled by a preference, and this preference should probably be exposed to the user. (Experience with Firefox and other mobile browsers shows that users are divided over this feature.) For the implementation, the platform could expose a setter to specify a maximum text width, and the mobile front-end could set the value based on the current zoom level. The panning behavior above might also require platform support. ==== Safari-style font zoom ([ bug 627842]) ==== The font sizes of some text on the page is increased based on heuristics. The heuristics include the width of the text (wide text needs to be scaled up more so that it can be readable while still fitting on the screen). There may be additional heuristics to avoid resizing text in ways that is likely to interfere with the normal layout of the page. (Needs more research or testing of approaches.) WebKit provides a "-webkit-text-size-adjust: none" CSS property that authors can use to prevent this resizing in places where it breaks the intended layout of the page. We might need to to do the same for Gecko, and evangelize its use. This feature should be enabled/disabled by a preference, so that (for example) it can enabled by default for mobile but not for desktop, or possibly exposed to the user through settings or add-ons.
d to the user through settings or add-ons.  +
Feature ux lead Brian Dils, Madhava Enros  + , Brian Dils  + , `  + , Ian Barlow  + , Madhava Enros, Ian Barlow  + , Madhava Enros  +
Feature ux notes `  +
Feature ux status `  +
Feature version Firefox 9  + , Firefox 7  + , Firefox 8  + , `  + , Firefox 6  + , Firefox 10  + , Firefox 11  +
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