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= Contributing =
'''Thunderbird is self-supported by it's user community. We need and welcome users who want you to give back to the community. ''' No prior experience is needed in most cases to help with:
* [[Thunderbird:Testing|QA testing]] - How to help with quality assurance and testing.* [ Localizationthunderbird Thunderbird Support on SUMO] - Information for translators on how to localize Thunderbird.* Visit [ Thunderbird Supportsupport forum] - Thunderbird where you can answer users are supported by the community on ' issues which "need attention" (and issues with other statuses). (SUMO)is where Thunderbird users are supported by the community. SUMO has a * [ / Thunderbird support forumKnowledge Base on SUMO] and a - Visit [ Thunderbird / the Knowledge Base(KB)]where you can help improve documentation which users refer to for assistance.* [[Thunderbird/Docs:Testing|Thunderbird DocumentationQA testing]] - Documentation for developers How you can help with quality assurance and userstesting.* [ Localization] - Information on how you can join translators to localize Thunderbird.* [[Thunderbird/Contributing patches|Contributing patches and fixes]] - How to you can get started contributing patches and fixes.
* [[Thunderbird/Community_Members|Community members]] - List of active community members contributing to and supporting Thunderbird.
'''To get more informationabout how you can help, talk to a human, or to introduce yourself, see [[Thunderbird/CommunicationChannels|Thunderbird Communication Channels]].'''
= Upcoming releases =
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