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MOSS/Foundational Technology

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The minimum award for the Foundational Technology track is $10,000, and the maximum is $250,000.
==Selection CommitteeMozilla Champions==
We have formed Applications need to be jointly submitted by the project and a selection committee Mozilla Champion. A Champion is an established member of 7 participants, as follows:the Mozilla community who knows the project concerned. Being a champion means you believe in the project and its impact. You believe that funds from a MOSS Award would make a meaningful difference in the success and effectiveness of the project. You believe the range of funds requested in the Award proposal is appropriate. And you believe that the project and/or the task fit the award criteria for the track you are applying for.
* '''Current Committed Mozillians''' - they bring A champion does a good working knowledge of Mozilla's day-to-day activities and how various open source projects are used.** [httpsfew different things:// Benjamin Kerensa]** [ Laura Thomson]** [ Doug Turner]
* '''Senior sponsors the project’s award proposal (it is akin to vouching for someone);* serves as the liaison between that project and Mozilla Alumni''' - they are no longer actively involved with Mozilla on a day-regard to-day basis but have a deep understanding the award;* reviews the effectiveness of our project the award funds after an agreed upon period, to help Mozilla improve the effectiveness and a different/outside perspective.** [ Stormy Peters]** [http://shaver.offimpact of the MOSS Mike Shaver]
* '''Other Open Source Experts''' This review process might involve answering a set of standard assessment questions at the mid- they bring knowledge point and at the end of the award period, and giving your written opinion of the role overall success of different projects within the open source ecosystem.** [ Rich Bowen]** [ time commitment should not be massive, but it will require thoughtfulness and honesty.html Tony Wasserman]
==How To Apply==
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