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==Program Overview==
Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) is an awards program specifically focused on supporting the [ Open Source] and [ Free Software] movement, with an initial allocation a yearly budget of USD around $1 3 million.
Mozilla is a part of the Open Source and Free Software movement. We were born out of this movement. We prosper because of the technology and activism which comes from this movement. And we know that Open Source and Free Software remains a key part of the Internet and the online life we seek to build. We have had an ad-hoc grants program for many years. MOSS is a systematic way to provide a new level of support to this community.
* MOSS Track 1 - [[MOSS/Foundational Technology|Foundational Technology]]
* MOSS Track 2 - [[MOSS/Mission Partners|Mission Partners]] (not yet active)
* MOSS Track 3 - [[MOSS/Secure Open Source|Secure Open Source]]
Use the links above to find out about each track, including details on how to apply. To stay informed about and involved with MOSS in general, please join the MOSS [ discussion forum].
==Mozilla ChampionsSelection Committee==
For the "Foundational Technology" track, and perhaps later for other tracks, applications need to be jointly submitted by the project and We have formed a Mozilla Champion. A Champion is an established member selection committee of the Mozilla community who knows the project concerned. Being a champion means you believe in the project 7 participants to assess awards on Tracks 1 and its impact. You believe that funds from a MOSS Award would make a meaningful difference in the success and effectiveness of the project. You believe the range of funds requested in the Award proposal is appropriate. And you believe that the project and/or the task fit the award criteria for the track you are applying for.2, as follows:
A champion does * '''Current Committed Mozillians''' - they bring a few different thingsgood working knowledge of Mozilla's day-to-day activities and how various open source projects are used.** [https: // Benjamin Kerensa]** [ Laura Thomson]** [ Doug Turner]
* sponsors the project’s award proposal (it is akin '''Senior Mozilla Alumni''' - they are no longer actively involved with Mozilla on a day-to vouching for someone);-day basis but have a deep understanding of our project and a different/outside perspective.* serves as the liaison between that project and Mozilla with regard to the award;* [ Stormy Peters]* reviews the effectiveness of the award funds after an agreed upon period, to help Mozilla improve the effectiveness and impact of the MOSS program* [ Mike Shaver]
This review process might involve answering a set of standard assessment questions at the mid* '''Other Open Source Experts''' -point and at the end they bring knowledge of the award period, and giving your written opinion role of different projects within the overall success of the awardopen source ecosystem.** [ Rich Bowen]** [https://www.cmu. The time commitment should not be massive, but it will require thoughtfulness and honestyedu/silicon-valley/faculty-staff/wasserman-tony.html Tony Wasserman]
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