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Program Overview
Mozilla is a part of the Open Source and Free Software movement. We were born out of this movement. We prosper because of the technology and activism which comes from this movement. And we know that Open Source and Free Software remains a key part of the Internet and the online life we seek to build. We have had an ad-hoc grants program for many years. MOSS is a systematic way to provide a new level of support to this community.
The Mozilla Open Source Support program is designed to recognize and celebrate communities who are leading the way with open source projects that contribute to our work and the health of the Web. It encompasses a “give back” element for Open Source and Free Software projects that Mozilla relies on (the "Foundational Technology" track), a “give forward” element for supporting other projects whose goals are in alignment with ours (the "Mission Partners" track), and soon, an element for improving the security of the open source ecosystem (the "Secure Open Source" track).
* MOSS Track 1 - [[MOSS/Foundational Technology|Foundational Technology]]
* MOSS Track 2 - [[MOSS/Mission Partners|Mission Partners]]
* MOSS Track 3 - [[MOSS/Secure Open Source|Secure Open Source]](under development)
Use the links above to find out about each track, including details on how to apply. To stay informed about and involved with MOSS in general, please join the MOSS [ discussion forum].
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