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Update pre-launch of Track 2
* [ Pascal Finette]. Pascal launched [ WebFWD] when he was a Mozilla employee and now runs Singularity University’s [ accelerator program]. Pascal has a long history and an abiding love of working with people to build things. He has great expertise in this type of task, matching by his abiding interest in contributing to Mozilla.
* [ Jim Cook]. Jim is Mozilla's Chief Financial Officer, and can provide assistance for those interested in the financial side of things. Jim knows a lot about cost and value!
;What if my project doesn’t have a legal organizational home? I see this is disfavoured, and exceptional circumstances are required. What might count as "exceptional"?
: You tell us. If a project doesn't have a legal organizational home, we will be handing a large sum of money to an individual with only limited accountability. This means a higher level of complexity and risk. So you need to describe why it's reasonable and important for us to accept that additional risk. We will listen because Mozilla is a pretty flexible organization, but we can’t promise the result will be as you hope.
;What about tax?
: Recipients are responsible to determine the tax implications of receiving an award, based on their respective countries’ tax laws and compliance requirements. Amounts applied for should be sized such that any tax or other liability that will be incurred is accounted for. Mozilla reserves the right to use different payment mechanisms or tax characterisations for different awards in the MOSS program based on a number of factors specific to the award.
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