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==Selection Committee==
We have formed a selection committee of 8 9 participants to assess awards on Tracks 1 and 2, as follows:
* '''Current Committed Mozillians''' - they bring a good working knowledge of Mozilla's day-to-day activities and how various open source projects are used.
** [ Benjamin Kerensa]
** [ Laura Thomson]
** [https://mozilliansritter.orgvg/en-US/u/rbarnes/ Richard BarnesTom Ritter]
* '''Senior Mozilla Alumni''' - they are no longer actively involved with Mozilla on a day-to-day basis but have a deep understanding of our project and a different/outside perspective.
** [ Mike Shaver]
** [ Doug Turner]
** [ Richard Barnes]
* '''Other Open Source Experts''' - they bring knowledge of the role of different projects within the open source ecosystem.
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