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* Version 68 and version 60:
** Version 60 users are slowly being updated to version 68.
* Thunderbird does not release on specific scheduled dates</u>, because we ship when '''code is ready and tested'''. We roughly <u>track</u> (i.e. do not strictly follow**) the '''ESR''' release schedule of Firefox. See the ESR column of [[RapidRelease/Calendar]].
** ESR Releases typically happen 1 week after published Firefox dates. But it could be more, because we ship when '''code is ready and tested'''. In other words dates cannot be accurately predicted. If you see a date you should take it with a grain of salt. If you do not see the "newest" version listed at the [ Thunderbird home page], do not worry, the new version is just not yet ready. New features and fixes happen as volunteers have time to work on them and fix them - there are no schedules for fixes and features which can be communicated to users. If you want new features sooner, then please help us [ test and code], or use the beta mentioned above.
** [[Thunderbird/Release_Driving|Release Driving]] - How releases move towards completion
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