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We also use a number of free formed strings in the Whiteboard area. We usually use square brackets around those free strings. These strings give us a lot of freedom and are especially useful when developers are looking at bugzilla list
* closeme ddyyyy-mm-yyyy dd When a bug stals - because the inital reporter doesn't reply - we use this flag and at the same time ask the reporter to answer our questions. We usually give the reporter a good 3 to 5 weeks to answer. At some point we'll just close those bugs as incomplete.
* dupme : is used on a bug that we think is a duplicate and we have been unable to find the duplicate in question. Sometime you can use dupme? to say that you are not so sure that the bug is a duplicate.
* has protocol logs - logs of some sort are attached to the bug and need to be read by a developer so he can rule them in or out.
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