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* ;Badge - The core currency of exchange. A single credential demonstrating a skill, achievement, quality or affiliation. * ;Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) - Open infrastructure technology to support independent Badge Issuers, Display sites as well as the reference implementation of the Badge Backpack. Includes the Metadata Spec, APIs, Verification Framework and Badge Backpack. ** ;[ Badge Backpack] - The core authorized data store and management interface of Mozilla’s reference implementation of the Badge Backpack. Each Earner has their own Backpack where all their badge data is stored. ** ;[ Metadata Spec] - The definition of what makes up a badge. Each badge is a chunk of metadata that describes the badge, including badge name, image, description, criteria URL, Issuer, etc.** ;[ Badge Baking] - Embedding the JSON blob into a PNG file to make a fully robust, portable badge (with all of the metadata embedded) ** ;[ Issuer API] - The interface specifications for pushing badges into the Backpack ** [ Displayer API] - The interface specifications for pulling badges out of the Backpack (Display sites/widgets)** ;Verification API - Communication channels and framework to support badge verification (was this badge issued to this person on this date? Has it expired? etc.)** ;Endorsement API - Communication channels and framework to support badge endorsement (was this badge signed? is the signature valid?) *** n.b. Endorsement employs the same signing mechanism as Badge Verification*** n.b. This is not part of [ Public Beta] release but on the [ roadmap] for development in 2012.
* Earners/Partners
** ;Badge Earner - a A person storing their badges within the Open Badge Infrastructure. This Earner has had interactions with Issuers to earn badges, then logs in via their Backpack to manage those badges, and can share out to various Display sites as well. Learners are a type of Badge Earners. ** ;Issuer - Organization, consortium or individual who issues badges into the OBI. ** ;Displayer - Website run by an organization, consortium or individual, that pulls badges from the OBI and displays them for an Earner. Displayers could range from social networking sites like Facebook or career social networks, to job search/application sites to personal blogs or sites. ** ;Endorser - An organization, consortium or individual who “endorses” a badge by signing it with their private encryption key. Trusted third party signers may emerge.
== B. Issuer ==

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