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Cloud Service Exploration
=== Cloud Service Exploration ===
Cloud Services pursues two service categories: , those endemic to Firefox Endemic are Firefox Services and those endemic to Cloud Services are Cloud EndemicServices.
'''Defining Endemic Firefox Endemic Services Defined '''
* The Firefox team(s) leads, defining, implementing, integrating and marketing the service Firefox Service as a Firefox feature. * Cloud Services team supports the Firefox team(s), primarily via the Firefox Accounts API providing identity, authentication and storage as required by the serviceFirefox Service. * Firefox Endemic services Services typically support and extend existing Firefox features, usually providing user task continuity across Firefox instances and devices by time- and space-shifting Firefox feature state thus requiring Firefox development and, as necessary, Firefox Account API expansion.
''' Prospective Firefox Endemic Services '''
* [[Services/FirefoxBackup|Firefox Backup]] - Enable Firefox to save/recover previous Firefox states
''' Defining Endemic Cloud Endemic Services Defined '''
* The Cloud Services team leads, defining, implementing and marketing the service Cloud Service as a Firefox Account feature.* Firefox teams support the Cloud Services team, primarily via Firefox integration and distribution of the serviceCloud Service. * Cloud Endemic services Services typically support and extend Open Web user utilityidentity, agency data and sovereigntypersonalization by implementing market differentiated, usuall establishing user identitydefensible, sustainable, protecting user data or personalizing the Open WebSaaS/PaaS-style services.
Firefox Bundled - only cloud development requirements; new user features''' Prospective Cloud Services ''' * [[Services/FirefoxAccountPro|Firefox Account Pro]] - Premium upgrade $20/year for early exclusive access to cloud service releasesour Cloud Services betas * [[Services/FirefoxFaces|Firefox Faces]] - Talkilla/WebRTC real-time video/audio/chat/dataOpen Web Messaging* [[Services/FirefoxFriends|Firefox Friends]] - Indie Open Web-as-a-ServiceSocial Publishing* [[Services/FirefoxFinesse|Firefox Finesse]] - Greasemonkey-as-a-ServiceOpen Web Personalization* [[Services/FirefoxFlow|Firefox Flow]] - Open Web personal assistantMobile Assistant
=== Project Limbo ===

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