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3. [[Bugzilla:Communicate|Get in communication with the Bugzilla developers]], and talk about what you want to do. This makes it easy for us to tell you "Oh, we're already working on that, you can help!" or "Oh, the best way to do that would be..."
4. [[Bugzilla:BzrGit|Check out the latest Bugzilla code from Bazaargit]]. You always want to work against the latest bzr "trunk" code master branch of Bugzilla, not a released version, if you're writing patches that you want us to accept.
5. Write some code. Make sure that you follow the [ Developer's Guide]. If you're new, you don't have to read the whole thing. Just read the [ General Guidelines], the [ Style] section, and any other part that you think applies to the code that you're writing. Make sure that your patch is [[Bugzilla:Simple_Patches|as simple and small as possible]]. And make sure that you [[Bugzilla:Developers:Licensing|license each file correctly]].

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