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This page is a very detailed (overly :-) ?) list of new and modified features in Firefox 60 for desktop.

Note that Firefox 60 is going to be released on WEDNESDAY May 9, 2018 instead of TUESDAY due to holidays in France. Normally we do Tuesday!

This page will be summarized and posted on the SUMO contributor forum before Firefox 60 is released.


(brief summary of user facing features)

  • The powerful rendering engine Stylo is now used to render the UI. - Mkll [1]

User Facing Features

  • sponsored pocket stories will be 2% at release date (en-us only) and then assuming success move gradually to 99% (1% for long term retention study purposes)
  • from the release notes: "Enhanced camera privacy indicators: Firefox now turns off your camera when you face-mute on web-sites that use your camera, turning off your camera light so you don't have to wonder if the site is still recording you. The light will come back on whenever recording resumes."
  • Policy engine in ESR60 might cause users in enterprise using Firefox for Enterprise to file support requests in the normal non ESR SUMO forum for Firefox Desktop
  • The difference between normal Firefox aka Firefox 60 Desktop and Firefox for Enterprise
    • "There is no separate Enterprise build. Enterprise is an audience that can use either "Rapid Release" (GA) aka Firefox 60 or whatever the current release of Desktop Firefox or the ESR build aka ESR60 or whatever the current release of ESR is, depending on their update cycle preference. One notable difference for Enterprise users, is that Rapid Release will no longer support AutoConfig as of 60, so Enterprises using this feature will have to switch to (or stay on) ESR track. Group Policy Engine is supported by both Rapid Release and ESR."
    • Enterprises - RR and ESR differences in 60

Non User Facing Features that may affect Users

  • The new CSS engine introduced in Firefox Quantum (57.0) is now used for the browser's user interface, in addition to web content.