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UX Design Draft
The comments below are pure speculation. While they do represent what the UX team is currently thinking about, they by no means represent a finalized design direction for Firefox.

Whiteboarding using screen sharing in Snow Leopard / iChat was awesome! Let's do this in the next meetings too, very productive.

Things we agree on if we go with the single app menu approach:

  • Should be in the top left, with home tab + tabs to the right of it
  • Menu should have the "Firefox" word + icon (can possibly fit 24px icon with the space available), this nicely combines branding with functionality. Should do system default menu text to reinforce that it's a functional item, not just a logo, though
  • No duplication of the Firefox icon
  • If you choose tabs on bottom, the app tab shinks to fit the titlebar
  • There's also the option to have the classic menu bar, which will still be the default on 2000/XP.

Things we discussed:

  • Adding cut/copy/paste contextual toolbar to make it easier for people that miss the Edit menu more comfortable (but has to be easy to disable for the people that don't ;)

Mock-ups needed from Stephen next:

  1. Windows 7: Tabs on top, App button
  2. Windows XP: Menu bar + tab on bottom
  3. Windows 7 w/menu bar
  4. XP with tabs on top

Also consider the merging of search bar into URL bar, evolutionary path to FF4.

Other things covered:

  • Faaborg will mock up site identity UI.
  • If we drop something, Prefs redesign is probably the first to go (not extension manager redesign, which is independent)
  • Redefine Better animation and affordances project to be "dragging of tabs and toolbar buttons", so it's more likely to have a useful end goal
  • We went through the list of prioritized UX features in 3.7, and we still think we can hit end-of-month milestone for having a v1 brief for everything.