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Last Two Weeks

Spent time in Toronto and at the All Hands in Mountain View.

  • Still chasing opinions on the unified commit access policy; interviewed mconnor and beltzner, and am waiting to hear from marcia. Possibility of further simplification.
  • Dormant accounts policy: being in MV allowed me to talk to dmoore and now have had updated list of accounts from IT. It's not quite perfect but he's promised to make the last few improvements soon.
  • Spoke to Asa and Tim Riley about the Monday meeting; looks like various technical improvements are coming.
  • Supported David Ascher in his use of the API.
  • Did Science Fair on API; got some API comments and a lot more general Bugzilla improvement comments.
  • Commented on a beltzner mockup for a better bug display UI.
  • Lots of work with David, and related meetings and discussions, on the Core planning document.
  • Spoke to blizzard about Kiss IE6 Goodbye; he'll make introductions but can't help more than that.
  • In consultation with smontagu, proposed transition plan to IETF IDNA2008 working group to deal with change in status of German sharp-s and Greek final sigma; Vint Cerf likes it but there are various technical hurdles.
  • Worked with Frank to hand over handling of legal issues.

Next Week

  • In Mountain View until Friday.
  • API 0.4 release.
  • Meeting with David Boswell and Jay about
  • Meeting with Asa and Tim Riley to turn Monday meeting ideas into a concrete plan.
  • Meeting with Mitchell about governance priorities.