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  • Think about perf testing
  • Write the plan for QA
  • Grow QA community:
    • engage Linux distro community (Ubuntu,Fedora)
    • engage Calendar community
    • engage Corporation using TB ? (Windows users)
    • engage usenet/email newsgroups (General more than he english ones)
  • Figure out tooling
    • look into litmus and how much coverage we have.
    • look for where to file bug, ENH bug in bugzilla, if not there file.
    • learn to query and graph Bugzilla.
  • add website to QA plans.
  • bug 2903
  • organize litmus day.
  • il devrait y avoir un triager qui checke tous les patchs sans review et les reassigne
  • topcrash issues.


  • search/filter
  • OpenSolaris builds (?)
  • Communicate better what build to use for Testing
  • Builds for Ubuntu -
  • FFT
  • Bug day
  • Figure out new features