WoMoz/Meetings/2010-06-10 Planning Meeting

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  • Poll debugging
    • Anything we want to add/change?
    • Milestone for the end of the poll
    • Poll suggestions until Friday, launched on Monday (June14th)
  • Roadmap for blog posts
    • a news item / community article every 2 weeks
    • links to articles about women in FLOSS every other week
    • make a calendar of who will write in it and when
  • Roadmap for videos
    • 1 video every 2 weeks? Or each week?
    • set up a calendar for this as well: who will make videos and when?
    • define topics: women in mozilla and floss interviews. What else?

Meeting Notes

  • Participants: Delphine, Julia, Kinouchou

1) We'll add the suggestions that the community has already proposed, send that out tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest for general approval

2) Milestone for end of poll: 2 weeks / 3 weeks / 1 month ? -> it should last 3 weeks

3) Blog Posts

  • Agreed for above
  • We'll propose this on ml and set up the calendar on wiki for that
  • Define topics:
    • what women in FLOSS (so us) are doing/working on? (& the "women in FLOSS" problem / issue / topic, but see below about this)
    • like stats, studies, articles that have been written about this and that explain why so few women, etc. <- but not too often, only for example when new stats / analysis / survey results come out. Or else we're just talking about data but not doing anything else to help diversity. It's more important and efficient to show what women are doing rather than just pointing out facts or saying 'there's a problem" :)
    • Interviews: of women contributors in mozilla and FLOSS, and of notorious women in FLOSS

4) Videos

  • 1 every month
  • let's transcribe them (better indexement, also helps deaf people)
  • see with ml for calendar: who makes videos & when
    • alternate with different countries
    • topics: interview of women in floss, videos done by women in FLOSS ... ask for ideas on ml