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Recent Changes



  • bug 1385937 Add Data::Password::passwdqc to vendor tarballs
  • bug 1387459 Tidy the Bugzilla/Config/*.pm modules
  • bug 1383355 Migrate CI tests from taskcluster to CircleCI
  • bug 1386336 Generate robots.txt at from a template
  • bug 1382225 Missing code from PhabBugz extension such as http basic auth support and other minor improvements
  • bug 1389372 Create REST endpoint for checking if a user has permission to see a given bug
  • bug 1383500 Allow giving a default product in the URL in new-bug
  • bug 1388148 Test password quality checking code
  • bug 1389111 Don't apply autosizing specific properties to comments when autosizing disabled



  • bug 1381749 Add keywords to new bug entry page
  • bug 1381751 Re-arrange create button on new bug entry page
  • bug 1382085 Add find_first_flag_type() to Bugzilla::Component
  • bug 1374396 Create initial push connector for Phabricator
  • bug 1380352 Comment box should be vertically resizable (and not horizontally resizable)
  • bug 1380727 Update BMO Push Connector to Make Revisions Public when Bug Made Public
  • bug 1381869 Use separate elasticsearch index for Bugzilla::User
  • bug 1381752 Change the layout of the new bug form to be more usable
  • bug 1381567 Weekly close of inactive Intermittent bugs without sending mails
  • bug 1380531 Write initial CircleCI configuration for BMO
  • bug 1384100 Lock out access to /new-bug in production
  • bug 1365983 enter_bug.cgi should be updated to use "Data Platform and Tools"
  • bug 1378873 user autocomplete no longer works for some strings
  • bug 1369211 Remove the product dashboard extension as it exists
  • bug 1383802 Elasticsearch indexed documents lack an _id based on the object's primary key
  • bug 1383268 Add attachments to new-bug
  • bug 1383108 Sync Security Groups with Phabricator Push Connector
  • bug 1385947 Ensure public revisions are visible to the users not loggedin
  • bug 1385524 Bug titles not escaped before being passed to Graphviz



  • bug 1380350 invalid html - missing space before "required" attribute
  • bug 1380407 Make elasticsearch ircnick checks consider numbers to be valid too
  • bug 1380280 "Words:" text is not centered vertically in "Instant Search"
  • bug 1381042 new-bug doesn't properly engage the email generation machinery
  • bug 1380389 autosize comments should be a user pref
  • bug 1380408 elasticsearch user completion should consider people with multiple ircnicks
  • bug 1380064 Remove references to Mozilla skin to prevent problems when default preferences are changed
  • bug 1381742 Increase maximum size of autosized comment area



  • bug 1380019 Background color of security bugs is wrong
  • bug 1379483 Make bug summary field required in modal view
  • bug 1331305 Auto resize the height of textarea of "add comment"
  • bug 1371446 Don't allow needinfo requests from the void
  • bug 1378999 Add update/new stats to bulk_indexer verbose mode



  • bug 1372653 Upgrade LWP to 6.26 & add dependency for LWP::Protocol::https 6.07
  • bug 1373000 New BugModal API for product data and component+product-specific data
  • bug 1372363 Fix BMO defaults (bug modal pref, needinfo exclusions)
  • bug 1374396 Create initial push connector for Phabricator
  • bug 1365344 Extract status and null modules
  • bug 1371464 Delete code for Aha push connector
  • bug 1369872 Combine skins/contrib/Mozilla/*.css and skins/custom/*.css into skins/standard/*.css
  • bug 1372693 Update to Recruiting Bugzilla Custom Form
  • bug 1375950 Remove unneeded text about email address from get_permissions.html
  • bug 1376850 Add special case for substring searches on whiteboard status field
  • bug 1355169 Add rate-limiting to show_bug.cgi and rest.cgi
  • bug 1367604 BMO extension to apply security policies to Phabricator revisions as needed
  • bug 1376023 Undo accidental reversion of bug 1352907
  • bug 1373295 Encoded slashes in url allow misleading text on unstyled 404 pages due to AllowEncodedSlashes
  • bug 1361439 Create dockerflow-compliant container that runs a BMO web head
  • bug 1377232 Revert code from bug 1361890
  • bug 1377933 Remove trailing whitespace from all perl files
  • bug 1365345 Modal Bug Entry Prototype
  • bug 1377807 Move memcached options from data/params to localconfig
  • bug 1377596 Add changed column to elasticsearch results
  • bug 1377620 Elasticsearch bulk indexer ignores changes that happened before newest additions
  • bug 1377621 YUI is broken on review history page
  • bug 1378848 Add test to ensure Crypt::OpenPGP does not use /dev/random
  • bug 1378583 /new-bug has several js errors
  • bug 1379632 Error is thrown by when Phabricator returns a null value for a bmo user id search