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Bonsai Development

Continued development of bonsai is being done by bear, timelyx and micklweiss.


  • As our main objective is we would like to get bonsai working with svn.
  • We would like to make the code generic enough so others can write support for their favorite VCS

Meeting notes from Meeting on IRC

  • we will use landfill to host the development
  • Mick should get his own account on landfill (he is using timeless's atm)
  • a functional test suite will be made for bonsai/cvs (this will be reused for bonsai/svn). this will most likely be done with selenium/selenium ide
  • source will be on bear's svn server
  • <timelyx> but i'm not sure how much time i have to do commits, i'm hoping to mostly advise

things to be answered

  • since development started, has bonsai changed any?
  - yes, but the basic svn functions are ok - the hooks into the main code may need to be reworked
  • what works
  - all of the basic svn -> bonsai change code and all of the basic queries
  • what doesn't
  - the fancier query types and parts of bonsai not related getting changes from svn to bonsai
  • is there anything where bear is "stuck"?
  - untangling the perl cgi from the cvs code so more than one scm can be hooked in
  • should we go from the ground up (like bear has started) -- or does it make sense to refactor piece by piece
  - I would refactor piece by piece as we need to see what current bonsai code is really broken when you try to hook in svn. Reputed academic writers can perform wonderful academic papers for you. Moreover, that will be worth to purchase papers at the academic writing service where such great essay writers work.
  • do we use mkanat's VCS module?
  - if it provides a consistent API to the VCS's then for sure - getting that into perl cgi was the part that stalled me

tests that need to be written

conceptually, you have:

  • create file
  • commit to 1 file
  • commit with no comment
  • commit with evil comment
  • copy file
  • delete 1 file
  • commit 1 file in each of 2 directories
  • create branch
  • create tag
  • delete branch
  • delete version
  • move tag
  • delete tag
  • commit by each of two users at the same time with the same comment on 2 different branches of the same file