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(Outline of the MoCo Open Innovation Strategy Project)
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*  Patrick Finch • Responsible
*  Patrick Finch • Responsible
*  Susy Struble • Strategic advisor & Internal research
*  Susy Struble • Strategic advisor & Internal research
*  Pierros Papadeas • External research
*  Pierros Papadeas • Open source expert
*  Rina Jensen • Internal research
*  Rina Tambo Jensen • Lead researcher
*  Ruben Martin • Communities and contributors research
*  Ruben Martin • Communities and contributors research
*  Alex Klepel • Internal communications
*  Alex Klepel • Internal communications
*  David B. Schwartz (Princeton) • Researcher
External Partners
*  Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design ([http://ciid.dk/ CIID])
*  [https://bitergia.com/ Bitergia]

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MoCo Open Innovation Strategy Project

OpenInno StrategyProject Open.JPG

“Openness” defines Mozilla more than any other characteristic, in both the products and technologies we build and in how we operate.

The Open Innovation team is running a project to help Mozilla understand how to more strategically implement open and collaborative practices in our products and technologies. This project will research and analyse how effective we are in our open practices today across both staff and our community of contributors as well as how other industry actors use openness to their competitive advantage. The project will make recommendations for how MoCo can better invest in and execute on being “open.”


This project will map how open practices support product and technology development, including how we align resources and measure value and impact. Based on the combination of findings from three research components, the project will provide a set of recommendations, some of which we’ll prototype with several internal Mozilla partners in the second half of 2017. The three research components are:

Internal Research

Interviews with staff who are engaged in the operational business around community management and other open practices. These interviews will adhere to a sound, replicable methodology, and data and results will be archived and accessible.

Communities and Contributors Research

This component will primarily analyze Mozilla communities to understand who they are, how and what they engage, their motivations, and how they’re connected to one another as well as to other open source and open Web projects. Part of this will involve analysing years of contribution data (in Bugzilla, GitHub and elsewhere) and part will involve surveying Mozillians. We will pay particular focus to how we can improve the contributor experience. This research will build on and extend related historical work.

External Research

We will also drive research into the external landscape around open practices, again with an emphasis on open source but also looking more broadly. What are general trends and emerging opportunities, and are any relevant to Mozilla? How are other industries leveraging open practices? How are other companies aligning their structure, processes, people and incentives to better benefit from their open practices? Part of the research will focus on several market areas of interest to Mozilla product and technology teams.

Although the project is focused on MoCo, we are coordinating with MoFo.


By the end of this project, we expect to have:

  • Recommended open practices to deliver competitive advantage for Mozilla product and technology projects
  • How to measure success, including metrics where possible and applicable
  • How these practices are supported by Mozilla and community structures today and recommended changes

Expected Benefits

In general, this project aims to help us accomplish our mission by improving how we gain competitive advantage with open practices and helping us better match resources and needs -- in order for our actions to have more consistent, market-focused impact.

Benefits include improving Mozilla’s ability to:

  • Where appropriate, provide a consistent way of measuring the value of “open” to MoCo as well as to external contributors/communities so we can better align resources and needs and confirm our actions have the right effect. Where formal measurements aren’t possible, provide a consistent way of defining and executing towards the desired market impact
  • Make market informed decisions about how MoCo can best be “open”
  • Identify new opportunities for competitive advantage in “open”
  • Think about how our organizational architecture -- our structure, process, people, and incentives -- should align with what we need to be “best-in-class” open
  • In general, build on our strengths and address our weaknesses


The project’s Steering Committee provides oversight and includes:

  • Katharina Borchert • Accountable
  • Patrick Finch • Responsible
  • John Jensen • Director, Organization Strategy
  • David Herman • Director Strategy, Emerging Technology
  • Nick Nguyen • VP, Firefox Product
  • George Roter • Head of Core Contributors, Participation

The project’s Core Team members drive the project and include:

  • Patrick Finch • Responsible
  • Susy Struble • Strategic advisor & Internal research
  • Pierros Papadeas • Open source expert
  • Rina Tambo Jensen • Lead researcher
  • Ruben Martin • Communities and contributors research
  • Alex Klepel • Internal communications
  • David B. Schwartz (Princeton) • Researcher

External Partners


The project launched in March 2017. Broadly, the timeline is:

OpenInno StrategyProject Timeline.JPG
  • End of March: Finalize analytical framework
  • April - May: Internal interviews, community survey and research, & external research; also internal communications about any useful findings as the project progresses
  • Late May: Synthesis of findings & more internal communication
  • Late June: Presentation of project findings
  • Starting in July: General recommendations as well as a subset of recommendations which we’ll prototype with internal partners in 2H 2017

How to Participate

If you want to learn more about the project or have thoughts, suggestions, relevant research, or would like to directly participate, please contact the project Core Team. We will also communicate when we’re hosting internal discussions and meetings.

Past Research

This project will be informed by related research, historical and current, such as the D&I study and Open Source Experiments. Please contact the project team if you have relevant research that you can share.

About the Open Innovation team

The Open Innovation team exists to help product and technology groups make effective use of open methods across all phases of the lifecycle.

Our tactic is to prove internally that open methods work.

Our role is to be a centre of competence for:

  • Shaping strategy for delivering value through open methods
  • Being practitioners of open methods
  • Delivering excellence in engaging external stakeholders