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Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop :: Berlin
Berlin, Saturday 28th of March 2009
Online registration required
In collaboration with the German community

What is the MAOW?

Have you always dreamed of going behind the scenes of Firefox ? Are you a Web developer (or not yet!) and have you always wished to make your first Firefox extension ? As an Add-ons developer, you are familiar with XUL, overlays, chrome, but have never dared go further?

This is the opportunity for you to make your wish come true: the next Mozilla Add-ons Workshop is coming to Berlin, on Saturday, 28th of March! In collaboration with the German Xul community, the MAOW will be a day of workshops and presentations (mostly in German, but also English) about Mozilla Technologies, and more particularly about Add-ons.

The schedule includes workshops that will teach you how to make your first extension, many presentations of new Mozilla technologies, conferences on how to hack and contribute to Firefox ... and on top of this, you'll be able to discuss with skillful developers, along with a nice cup of coffee. And not to forget to mention your own demonstrations of Add-ons and of XulRunner applications !

And last but not least, we have the honor to announce the presence of Rey Bango, Community Manager for Mozilla Add-ons, and of Paul Rouget, Mozilla Tech Evangelist, as well as many active members of the Mozilla community.


Web developers, hackers, C++ developers, XUL developers, or bloggers, journalists and people just plain curious about Firefox Add-ons : EVERYONE IS WELCOME and ENTRANCE IS FREE


  • Propose a base for discussions and exchange for XUL developers and non developers.
  • Encourage and facilitate the creation and diffusion of Add-ons by German developers.
  • Promote a local Mozilla ecosystem.


If you know the Mozilla platform, we strongly encourage you to help us by giving a talk : feel free to send an email to Paul Rouget <paul at mozilla dot com>. It can be about one these proposed talks, or something from you.

Here is a tentative schedule.

Time Slot Main room
10:00 - 11:00 WELCOME COFFEE
11:00 - 11:10 Welcome introduction - Paul Rouget (en)
11:10 - 12:00 Keynote - Rey Bango (en)
12:00 - 12:30 Mozilla Labs - Chris Beard (en) -
12:30 - 13:15 LUNCH
  Main Room Room A Room B
13:15 - 14:00 The Mozilla Build System: Robert Kaiser (de) How to write your first extension: Robert Nyman (en) TBD
14:00 - 14:45 Quality assurance: Carsten Book (de) How to write your first XulRunner application: Daniel Glazman (en) Gecko 1.9.1, what's new?: Yan Minagawa (de)
14:45 - 15:00 COFFEE BREAK
15:00 - 15:45 Fun and Art: Tobias Leingruber (de) Make money with extensions: Daniel Glazman (en) how to deal with web content through addons - Andreas Richter
15:45 - 16:30 Ubiquity General overview over the Mozilla Framework for dummies (and webdevelopers) - Philipp Söhnlein (de) Adapt websites to your own needs with Greasemonkey: Richard Sternagel (de)
16:30 - 16:45 COFFEE BREAK
16:45 - 17:30 How to localize your extension: Jurgen Berg (de) Javascript in add-ons (jsm, XPCOM, 1.7/1.8, and more): Brian King (en) Code guidelines & managing feedback: Sebastian Hengst (de)
17:30 - 18:15 make extensions work on SeaMonkey 2: Robert Kaiser (de) Starting with XBL - Create your own Objects: Daniel Kirsch (de) Enlightening the Calendar: Writing Calendaring extensions: Philipp Kewisch (de)
18:30 - ... TBD Text Interface Revival - Sven Guckes (en) TBD


A picture of Paul Rouget
  • Paul Rouget:

Mozilla Tech Evangelist, organizer.

A picture of Robert Nyman
  • Robert Nyman:

Robert has been working with web developing, mostly interface coding, since 1998. His biggest interests lie in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In his talk he will talk you through your first steps with Firefox extension development to a complete runnable extension.

A picture of Tobias Leingruber
  • Tobias Leingruber:

Tobias' background is web development and visual design. In 2007 he fell in love with FF add-ons and remixing the web. The browser is his operating system. He will show a collection of fun and experimental add-ons .

A picture of Brian King
  • Brian King:

Long-time Mozilla contributor, Founder of Briks Software and President of Mozdev.

A picture of Robert Kaiser
  • Robert Kaiser ("KaiRo"):

German Mozilla localizer since late 1999, theme designer and code contributor to L10n, build system, UI and SeaMonkey areas, SeaMonkey Council member, serving as project coordinator and build/release engineer.

A picture of Philipp Kewisch
  • Philipp Kewisch:

...has been contributing to the Calendar Project since late 2006. He started out with the Provider for Google Calendar and after many core code contriutions now leads the Project.

A picture of Yan Minagawa
  • Yan t Minagawa  :
    • just diving into mozillaverse.
    • internet and plattform technologist, involved in many open source and open culture activities.
    • long-term crew member of c-base spacestation.
A picture of Daniel Kirsch
  • Daniel Kirsch:

Has done localization work for mozilla. Works on commercial projects based on Mozilla/XULRunner since 2003. Works daily with JavaScript, XUL, CSS and other web technologies.

A picture of Carsten "Tomcat" Book
  • Carsten Book blog email
    • Software Engineer working for the Mozilla QA Team, long time Mozilla Community Member, works on Automated Testing, Performance Testing, Community

No image

Jürgen Berg:
German extension localizer.
Administrator of BabelZilla,
a site and community dedicated to provide localizations for extensions

A picture of Richard Sternagel
  • Richard Sternagel:

is web developer and especially interested in web technologies, dynamic languages, the Mozilla Platform and agile software development but also stuff like Interface Design, Usability or Design.

A picture of Daniel "string léopard" Glazman
  • Daniel Glazman:

Long time Mozilla contributor, ex-Netscape, CEO of Disruptive Innovations, author of Nvu.

An avatar picture of Philipp Söhnlein
  • Philipp Söhnlein:

Webdeveloper, who loves the flexibility of XUL applications and wants to develop extensions for all of them. Starting with Firefox extensions, the next target will be extending Komodo.

Silhouette of Sven Guckes

A firefox user who really loves the power of command lines. Has been involved with many text tools (eg mutt, screen, slrn, vim, zsh). Co-author of a Z-Shell Book. His usual work environment is a terminal - and a web browser. Loves ubiquitous computing and hates carrying around hardware - and really wants a Text Interface Revival! please send feedback!

  • Sebastian Hengst: senior editor, Team member, localizer of >60 extensions and bug filer

About the talk "Code guidelines & managing feedback": In early development stages, the goals usually adopt to meet the wishes of users and to find the best technical solution, i. e. by performance. Maintaining easily understandable code should prevent you from losing the joy of coding your add-on. Archaeopteryx, a senior editor of Mozilla's Add-ons site ( will talk about the code and review guidelines. Furthermore, he presents different way to receive and manage automatic and manual feedback, saving you and your users time.


Saturday 28th of March, 2009

10:00 to 22:00


The MAOW Berlin will take place at the C-Base Raumstation (see map here).

For a nice colorful map, click here

To view a cool ASCII map of the area, click here :)

The closest train station is Jannowitzbruecke S-Bahn station. When you arrive at the station, simply exit to the west (it's the only exit, anyway); when coming out of the building you should see a bridge.Cross the bridge and turn left to walk along the shore. Walk for about 150m - and the way ends at a fence.

You are now standing right before a red building - and the c-base is right in front of you on ground level.

For more information on C-Base, please visit


All participants are asked to register by filling in the MAOW Berlin registration form here.

Speaker Sponsorship

All speakers at the MAOW will be fully sponsored. Hotel, food and travel expenses will be fully reimbursed by Mozilla Europe.

To be reimbursed, please send all scanned receipts and the filled-out expense form to William Quiviger (william @ mozilla dot com)

The Sunday

For those hard-core developers, please note that there will be a small Open Dev Day the following Sunday (same place), so feel free to join in on the fun and bring your laptop to hack away :)

Information & Contact

For any further information, please contact:

  • Paul Rouget <paul @ mozilla dot com> (english)
  • Wiliam Quiviger <william @ mozilla dot com> (english)