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The purpose of this page is to provide a guide to where various aspects of Thunderbird/SeaMonkey may proceed to improve the address book and the various advantages of each step.

This is not an agreed roadmap, nor is it a statement of what Thunderbird/SeaMonkey will definitely do.

Back-end Interface Re-organisation

Design: MailNews:Address Book Interface Redesign

Main bug is bug 413260

Current Steps (based partially on jcranmer's patch queue):

  1. Make the nsIAbCard interface more flexible for new properties and different types (patch awaiting review from dmose).
  2. Start refactoring nsIAbDirectory into nsIAbCollection.
  3. Implement the propertiesChrome function for opening AB property dialogs
  4. Move cardForEmail from Mork specific code to generic code.
  5. Separate mailing lists from directories and cards into their own object.
  6. Decide on interfaces for address book interactions and compatibility with async/sync address books.
  7. Implement new interfaces from previous item.


  • New interfaces will make it much easier to interact with the address book.
  • Interfaces are designed to make interfaces generic across different address book types. They should hide the fact that you're talking to a LDAP book, or an OS X directory.
  • Prepares for moving to SQLite.

Current Status:

  • Patches blocked by awaiting review on step 1.
  • Standard8 needs to find time to discuss async/sync interfaces with dmose in more detail.

Writable LDAP

Very much wanted by lots of people.

bug 86405 is the main tracking bug.

Current Steps:

  1. Once AB Interface redesign has completed the async/sync interfaces, implement appropriate hooks for LDAP (if not already there).
  2. Implement any required UI tweaks/improvements.


  • Provides a good solution for users (mainly corporate/small networks?) to share address books.

Current State:

  • Writable LDAP source code is in cvs, enabled by compilation switch.
  • UI is no where near usable by end-users or advanced users (i.e. don't even think about it to be enabled by default).

Remove RDF from the Address Book

Switch Mork to SQLite

Implement providers for different address book card translations

UI updates