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Jump to: navigation, search was launched on November 29, 2005 with the Firefox 1.5 release with the goal of simplifying the experience of obtaining Mozilla products.

The mission of is to:

  • provide a quick and easy path for obtaining our software
  • educate visitors about the advantages of our software
  • connect users with other Mozilla web properties they may be looking for

The audiences for

  • End users of Mozilla products (both consumers and power users)
  • Current Firefox and Thunderbird users looking for upgrade information
  • Visitors interested in information about Mozilla Corporation



  1. Dev fixes a bug/finishes a page by marking as "resolved fixed", adds the "qawanted" keyword
  2. QA checks,approves by adding the comment "qa-verified-trunk" if not QA re-opens bug.
  3. If the bug is ready to be pushed to production, anyone can add "push-needed" keyword. If the bug is waiting on a particular launch date, don't add this
  4. Dev pushes to production, removes "push-needed" from bugs that have them
  5. QA checks on production, marks "verified fixed" SVN Source

The source behind (PHP, HTML, images, CSS, javascript, etc.) is hosted and managed in Subversion. For details merging from trunk to stage, see the SVN Guidelines.

Meeting Notes


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