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mozilla.com was launched on November 29, 2005 with the Firefox 1.5 release with the goal of simplifying the experience of obtaining Mozilla products.

The mission of mozilla.com is to:

  • provide a quick and easy path for obtaining our software
  • educate visitors about the advantages of our software
  • connect users with other Mozilla web properties they may be looking for

The audiences for mozilla.com:

  • End users of Mozilla products (both consumers and power users)
  • Current Firefox and Thunderbird users looking for upgrade information
  • Visitors interested in information about Mozilla Corporation


  • Bedrock: A new platform for mozilla.org in Python
  • 2011 Rebranding Project: Merging sites under the .org domain name
  • Automated tests: Writing Selenium tests to run in Jenkins to make sure the live site works as expected
  • Newsletters: Responsys integration and a centralized email service


Please view http://readthedocs.org/docs/bedrock/en/latest/php.html for all the documentation for mozilla.org. It explains how to install it, what the merge is, how to rollout code, how our workflow works, and more.


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