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Tab Strip Visual Redesign

Feature Status Lead engineer QA Lead
Tab Strip Visual Redesign ok Matthew Noorenberghe Virgil Dicu


A new theme for Firefox that will use a new shape and styling of the active, background and pinned tabs.


  • current active tab to be emphasized
  • smooth, soft and streamlined appearance
  • soft curves will connect the Active Tab to the Tab Strip
  • no visual affordance to background tabs except on hover
  • subtle separators for background tabs


Use Cases

  • Background themes for Firefox
  • Window state - maximized/restored/fullscreen
  • Tabs in the titlebar
  • Tabs on top/bottom
  • Integration with system color, font and DPI settings
  • Tab overflow
  • Pinned/app tabs
  • Customization mode
  • Text direction – Left-to-right vs. right-to-left
  • Customized toolbar buttons
  • Tab drag-and-drop
  • Menu bar visibility

Test Cases

Manual tests

  • The test cases for this are added in MozTrap.


Important Bugs

  • Implementation bugs
    • bug 732583 - (australis-tabs) [meta] Implement Australis tab shape & styling
    • bug 738491 - (australis-tabs-win) Implement Australis tab shape & styling on Windows
    • bug 590945 - Implement the rest of the window frame in xul (titlebar is done)
    • bug 625989 - Support tabs in title bar on Mac OS X
  • Other Bugs

Not Tested

Sign off Criteria

  • All the test cases were executed.
  • All the major bugs have been fixed.