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Mozilla is using the Whiteboard field, the Keywords field, and Flags to mark bugs for different reasons. Here we will try to capture the meaning and logic of some of these flags and string.



The "in-testsuite+" flag means that a bug has a test and the test is in an automated test suite. The "in-testsuite?" flag means that a bug may have a test associated with it but that it needs to be evaluated for either correctness or for integration with the automated harnesses. It may also mean that a test needs to be written for the bug. The "in-testsuite-" means that a bug doesn't need a test (code cleanup, etc). If this explanation is not correct, please edit and/or discuss in newsgroup.


The needinfo flag means that a bug has a request pending for a info from someone specified by an email address. When the flag state is needinfo? followed by an email address means the request is active. The needinfo request can be cleared using comments in the bug.


  • [good first bug]
  • need-replication: this tag is used during triaging when you cannot reproduce the bug and/or you are on a different OS.
  • closeme? : this tag means that people who is looking at the bug (triagers, qa people, others) are not sure if this bug can be closed.
  • closeme yyyy-MM-dd: this tag means that the bug can be closed after the date reported
  • ...


  • qawanted :Use this keyword for bugs which need more info, or it needs reproducing, or testcasing, or it's a dupe but you can't find what it's a dupe of. Note what QA work is wanted in the whiteboard. Please remove this keyword when the wanted QA work has been completed.
  • testcase-wanted: This bug would strongly benefit from a testcase or from additional testcases in order to be fixed. This keyword may indicate that any existing testcases are too complex and need to be reduced to much simpler tests in order to find or debug the source of the problem. Check the comments of the bug to discover exactly what is wanted.
  • regression: Use this keyword when the problem was fixed, but then it came back (regressed) and this new bug was filed to track the regression. Also, for problems outside those identified in precheckin and smoke tests that were found in current builds that were known to be working in previous builds. Tracking these bugs will help us to identify areas that are fragile, prone to bustage and are good candidates for adding to smoke and pre-checkin tests.
  • regressionwindow-wanted:This bug is a regression, and would strongly benefit from someone narrowing down the time period where it happened, ideally to a specific checkin.
  • perf: A bug that affects speed or responsiveness.
  • footprint: A bug that affects memory use, usually through excessive memory allocation or code size.

See for a complete list of keywords