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Please don't edit this page, unless you are a member of the calendar team.

High Level Goals

The Mozilla Calendar Team mostly consists of volunteer developers, therefore we don't have a fixed schedule per release. Each contributor is free to work on whatever they think is most fun. We do have a set of high level goals to follow:

  • Performance
  • Test coverage
  • Standards compatibility

Of course new features or other items not mentioned are always welcome, but with the small team size we have, stability is very important.

Current Work

For tracking current work, the priority field is used:

  • P1: The top 1-2 bugs assigned to you and you are currently working on.
  • P2: Whats up next once you've fixed your P1 bugs.
  • P3: Bugs that should be part of the Lightning roadmap or are nice to have.

You are eligible to set P3 bugs if you are working on P1/P2 issues and have landed at least one bug. It should be avoided to make the list of P3 bugs too long, otherwise it ends up being yet another bug list. If in doubt about making a bug P3, feel free to leave a comment first.

List of currently prioritized bugs: click here


I would really like to set up a more complete guide on how to contribute, but for now a few basics.

If you are interested in helping out or working on your own feature and you don't have a lot of experience with the Mozilla codebase, the first thing you can do is check out one of the following queries:

Once you have found an issue, you should get your build environment set up. To build Lightning, you will be building Thunderbird with Lightning enabled, therefore check the Thunderbird build guide and make sure you enable Lightning as mentioned on that page. If you prefer, you can also make changes to the Lightning .xpi file instead or use an extension proxy file at first, but eventually you will need to work with the build environment.

If you have questions, the quickest way to contact someone is to visit the IRC channel #calendar on If no one is available, you can also check the newsgroup or contact the project leader directly.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch!