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This is the list of bugs without priority We assign Priority on these bugs.

We also have a list of already Triaged Core bugs.

Webcompat Priority to set - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to
617034 Better define the interaction between innerWidth/Height and the meta viewport tag Layout NEW ?
687300 "warn me when web sites try to redirect" option does not work on redirections done via Javascript (e.g. on Google Docs) General NEW ?
890692 maybe support textLength="" and lengthAdjust="" on tspan and textPath SVG NEW ? access
978949 Drop-down arrow of <select style="border:1px solid black"> does not zoom well on Linux, due to using a cross-platform button for dropdown arrow (whose borders expand when we zoom, despite no extra width becoming available) Widget: Gtk NEW ?
987629 Size of svg ignored when embedded through <object> or <img> SVG UNCONFIRMED ?
1007286 Using keyboard on inputs causes viewport to resize, shrinking elements based on viewport units. General NEW ?
1019603 TLS handshake fails on CORS preflight requests because no certificate is sent [per spec] Networking REOPENED ?
1027106 Make ImageLib share cached imgRequests for the same SVG document even if the URI has a different ref/hash ImageLib NEW ? testcase-wanted
1048294 MouseEvent.Which always reports the same wrong value (1) DOM: Events NEW ? dev-doc-needed
1068856 Changing the line-height of ::placeholder affects the vertical alignment of its text Layout: Form Controls NEW ? testcase
1085214 Implement Location.ancestorOrigins DOM: Window and Location NEW ? dev-doc-needed
1151543 Firefox lacks support for CSS 3D Antialiasing in Windows Graphics NEW ?
1180623 Stop choking at badly formatted application/xhtml+xml documents DOM: HTML Parser NEW ?
1183844 queryCommandValue('backColor') always returns 'transparent' DOM: Editor NEW ?
1186177 height:100% on element inside a table-cell ends up behaving like "auto", if the table-cell has height:auto Layout: Tables UNCONFIRMED ?
1187591 Click events on elements with overflow != visible fire after the mouse is dragged out of the element DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW ?
1224422 [Meta] Implement and ship CSS Positioned Masks (mask-image, etc.) Layout NEW ? DevAdvocacy, feature, meta
1227748 Investigate why has poor scrolling performance Graphics: Layers NEW ?
1228879 spend lots of time in nsRegion::Or called from ContainerState::FinishPaintedLayerData, with lots of polygons in a leaflet map Web Painting NEW ? perf
1230176 Weirdness at end of Fennec fling. Don't send duplicate DOM 'scroll' event for sub-pixel scrolling Panning and Zooming REOPENED ? webcompat:site-wait
1232055 When div is set to display: table, overflow: hidden doesn't work (overflowing abspos content leaks out) Layout: Tables REOPENED ? css3
1237505 Mashable hamburger menu button's slide-in animation is janky, on mobile Layout NEW ? testcase-wanted
1238668 Tracking bug for issues caused by emulation of "display:-webkit-box" with "display:flex" Layout NEW ?
1250844 crash [@ nsFrameManager::CaptureFrameState] Layout NEW ? crash, regression, testcase-wanted
1251566 SVG images in <img> without explicitly set width attribute have miscalculated width Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames NEW ?
1253840 text-align: justify; doesn't work together with white-space: pre-wrap; Layout: Text and Fonts NEW ?
1263739 Scrolling on long discourse threads is a bad time Graphics NEW ?
1318126 Improve prefetch Networking REOPENED ? stale-bug
1341542 cleared floats in multi-column element don't get split into columns Layout: Floats NEW ?
1344052 Firefox cannot decode an mp3 with leading CRLF with decodeAudioData, but can play it if dragged onto a new tab. Audio/Video: Playback NEW ?
1382106 Sub menu item overlaps on menu item Layout NEW ?
1386100 "white-space: normal" style rule collapses newlines in textarea Layout: Form Controls UNCONFIRMED ? parity-chrome, parity-safari
1398208 Parsing a table with thousands of <col> elements and border-collapse:collapse has quadratic performance that can hang Firefox. Layout: Tables NEW ?
1399287 CSS Animation to 'transform:none' incorrectly ends up with final computed value of "matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0)" CSS Parsing and Computation NEW ?
1404163 Mixed-content blocker should block <img crossorigin=> requests DOM: Security NEW ? privacy
1405085 select elements lose native appearance under certain conditions Layout: Form Controls NEW ?
1405521 Crash in nsGlobalWindow::ClearDocumentDependentSlots: MOZ_CRASH(Unhandlable OOM while clearing document dependent slots.) DOM: Core & HTML NEW ? crash
1427462 "Paste Special" doesn't work in Google Sheets Desktop ASSIGNED ? webcompat:site-wait Ksenia Berezina [:ksenia]
1427792 Assertion failure: IsAncestor(aOne, aTwo) || IsAncestor(aTwo, aOne), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/layout/painting/nsDisplayList.h:276 Web Painting NEW ? assertion, testcase
1436180 [css-grid][flex]Intrinsic size on grid-subflex / subbitem keeps the image width whilst image is resized. Layout NEW ?
1461852 Firefox honors small heights on <td> (for sizing of that <td> and percent resolution on children), unlike other browsers Layout: Tables NEW ?
1466632 Nesting tables with percentage height increases height of inner tables Layout: Tables NEW ?
1470298 [meta] Tracking Protection breaks login Privacy: Anti-Tracking NEW ? meta
1470301 [meta] Tracking Protection breaks images Privacy: Anti-Tracking NEW ? meta
1480636 On fixed-size abspos table, margin:auto does not resolve (doesn't trigger vertical centering) Layout: Tables NEW ?
1486425 [meta] Tracking Protection breaks loading of contents Privacy: Anti-Tracking NEW ? meta
1486665 Tracking Protection blocks Twitter animation previews in Slack. Privacy: Anti-Tracking NEW ?
1487826 empty <button> gets wrong position when being baseline-aligned (should use padding-box bottom, but doesn't) Layout: Form Controls NEW ?
1492043 number input's inner spin button always shown with '-webkit-appearance: none' Layout: Form Controls NEW ? regression Jonathan Watt [:jwatt]
1497959 clip-path: inset(0 0) cuts off content if it is too long when not using WebRender Web Painting NEW ?
1499443 [css-align] Implement CSS Alignment "Overflow and Scroll Positions" section (justify-content/align-content should influence initial scroll pos & cause end padding to be honored) Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW ?
1510248 Firefox shows an mp3's length to be different than other programs Audio/Video: Playback NEW ?
1520328 FOUC caused by a hidden input in the <head> tag Layout NEW ?
1521636 Android 5 and 6 and Windows 10 seem unable to play a given Instragram video in Firefox; Android 4.4 and 8 seem fine. Audio/Video: Playback NEW ?
1527955 Chromium shows images even when server says they're plain text content-type, Firefox does not. ImageLib NEW ?
1563842 Firefox resizes the root fixedpos containing block in response to animations, while Chrome does not Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW ?
1564253 Page is cut off on, some content is out of reach Layout NEW ?
1569211 getSelection, getRangeAt return wrong anchorNode, endContainer and endOffset if selection contains SVG(or unselectable text inside) DOM: Selection NEW ? parity-chrome
1577506 Broken photo slideshow transition CSS Transitions and Animations NEW ? webcompat:needs-diagnosis
1595434 2GB raw text file which has long lines and lot of lines creates a rendering issue Layout NEW ?
1600224 Unexpectedly small line box, with "display:contents; line-height:[anything]" Layout: Block and Inline NEW ?
1600848 Links with 'user-select: none' or svg content duplicates on copy DOM: Selection NEW ? parity-chrome
1603310 Layout is broken when displayed on a wide screen Layout NEW ?
1605406 SVG elements with mix-blend-mode and mask are not rendered correctly SVG REOPENED ? regression
1608332 video fails to open inside a canvas element Canvas: 2D NEW ?
1608778 - The game does not run smoothly Performance NEW ?
1613604 slow site with Direct3D 11 renderer but fixed by webrender Graphics NEW ?
1613838 Performance issue when playing games on Graphics NEW ?
1616361 Firefox and chrome differ on how stacking contexts are formed, with a relatively-positioned inline Layout: Positioned NEW ?
1616405 Accessible-caret-based text selection doesn't work if there's an animation playing Layout NEW ?
1618029 Firefox creates blank scrollable area at top of page, when scrolling down/up at (with sticky positioned header bar and lazy loaded images) Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW ?
1620092 mp4 video plays on macos but not windows (not supported format?) Audio/Video NEW ?
1621387 Margin on <br> affects layout, unlike on other browsers Layout: Block and Inline NEW ?
1621727 Spellchecker goes outside of the bounds of the contenteditable element Spelling checker NEW ? parity-chrome
1623425 transform translateX animation with requestAnimationFrame is jittery CSS Transitions and Animations NEW ?
1628965 large font size becomes blurred Graphics: WebRender NEW ?
1636972 nothing happens when clicking "Join this server" DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW ?
1639119 SVG text positioning attributes should address entire Unicode characters, not UTF-16 code units SVG NEW ?
1641019 Exporting table from Microsoft Excel Online to the clipboard replaces `<a>`s with their content for the "text/html" flavor DOM: Serializers NEW ? parity-chrome Mirko Brodesser (:mbrodesser) -- away until May 30th
1642285 Performance issue for animation Canvas: 2D NEW ?
1642848 Laggy scrolling after zooming on a form field (firefox preview android) Panning and Zooming NEW ?
1642905 (ubuntu 20.04) (firefox in repo)Unable to play video on Facbook and Twitter Audio/Video: Playback UNCONFIRMED ?
1643554 Need to press back many times on to go back in history DOM: Navigation ASSIGNED ? Johann Hofmann [:johannh]
1645273 element width off the viewport should affect scroll port? Layout: Positioned NEW ?
1645291 avc1.4d001f on firefox for android Security NEW ? John Lin [:jhlin][:jolin]
1645311 Flashes when using fcitx5 - Chinese input DOM: Editor NEW ?
1645873 Drag & dropping conversations/messages to the GMail labels sidebar doesn't work everytime / sometimes only works once (regression?) Desktop UNCONFIRMED ? webcompat:site-wait
1647178 The site is not being zoomed out to occupy the full width of the viewport Panning and Zooming NEW ? regression
1648621 Align document.referrer url decoration detection with HTTP Referrer and Referrer Policy Privacy: Anti-Tracking NEW ?
1648947 Broken print output from Yahoo Mail, because element with "display:table" doesn't print correctly - initial blank pages, missing content, and content that runs off the page Printing: Output NEW ?
1649051 Header animation is very slow Layout NEW ?
1649269 Creating an account on with a generated password does not validate the form Password Manager: Site Compatibility NEW ?
1651878 The video or audio does not play Audio/Video NEW ?
1654336 Navigation bar does not stick to the bottom of the page Panning and Zooming NEW ?
1657106 [Home Depot] Clearing the credit card autofill form in will cause the autofill to not work anymore on credit card until a page refresh Form Autofill NEW ?
1657635 SVG in Firefox on iMac 5K Retina is rendered in p3 wide gamut instead of sRGB GFX: Color Management NEW ?
1658315 input type radio does not block the default action of links DOM: Core & HTML UNCONFIRMED ?
1659638 - Panning the map is sluggish in Firefox Panning and Zooming NEW ? perf
1662057 opacity on text with overlapping letters should not show darker areas (ex: RTL Arabic) Graphics: Text NEW ? regression
1663380 SVG textPath startOffset - curved text is not positioned correctly in Firefox SVG NEW ?
1663570 Extremely slow rendering of SVG items. Impossible to scroll. Graphics NEW ? perf, regressionwindow-wanted
1664160 Poor scrolling performance on Layout NEW ?
1665047 Past editions on shows broken animations Graphics NEW ?
1669384 Problem with CSS-filtering as from version 79 Canvas: WebGL NEW ? regression
1669843 svg mask renders with horizontal artifact on Windows 10 SVG NEW ?
1671385 Clicking link to tweet leads to "This is not available to you" page, but refresh shows content. DOM: Service Workers NEW ?
1673291 Video is not properly resized after modifying the window size Layout NEW ?
1676786 td Items are overlapped on table position absolute Layout: Tables NEW ?
1676952 HTMLImageElement x and y coordinates are 0 if its parent container has position: relative DOM: Core & HTML NEW ?
1680819 enable intermediate preloading on focus Security: PSM NEW ?
1680997 focus styling on label on double click remains in firefox DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW ? parity-chrome, parity-safari
1682722 scrolling becomes janky while content is being loaded Graphics: WebRender NEW ?
1683951 Slow animation with svg base64 filter Graphics: WebRender NEW ?
1684004 Can't export Google Contacts on Nightly Privacy: Anti-Tracking NEW ?
1684076 pages from fail to paint outside of the initial viewport Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW ?
1686338 AVIF (AV1 Image File Format): image sequence and animation support ImageLib NEW ?
1688310 I am not being redirected back to Udemy after signing in with Apple. DOM: Navigation UNCONFIRMED ? stalled, steps-wanted, webcompat:needs-diagnosis
1688865 Consider exposing clipboard.write to web content DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop NEW ?
1691374 Image inside "preserve aspect ratio" solution invisible Layout NEW ?
1693555 Poor performance on FF85 on simulations Canvas: WebGL NEW ?
1695563 Rendering performance issues for combination of SVG and webp "mask" with a gradient Graphics NEW ?
1699042 on scroll event have a page visual update lag Layout NEW ?
1701508 compat issue with default layout of images in iframes DOM: Core & HTML NEW ?
1702713 "Web page is slowing down your browser" error makes Pub/Sub topic pages in Google Cloud Platform unable to be opened Desktop NEW ? webcompat:needs-diagnosis
1703906 Time input validity is not updated for partial values DOM: Forms NEW ? parity-chrome
1704977 - The video or audio stops playing after a couple of minutes Audio/Video NEW ?
1706218 Give priority to name over id for usemap reference in image map DOM: Core & HTML NEW ? parity-chrome
1708871 Element with large negative `text-indent` breaks viewports on sites with `direction: rtl` Layout NEW ?
1710327 slow choppy scrolling with arrows on twitter timeline Panning and Zooming NEW ? parity-chrome
1710921 NS_ERROR_INTERCEPTION_FAILED on DOM: Service Workers NEW ? webcompat:needs-diagnosis
1712667 Images not loaded after multiple refresh Graphics NEW ?
1713348 Spurious Firefox version warning on Mozilla CultureAmp survey site when using Firefox iOS General NEW ?
1721256 Element width explodes in reduced test-case in Firefox Layout NEW ? dupeme
1726121 Scroll Anchoring results in jump'y scrolling on in GeckoView Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW ?
1726786 Consider adding hover'able elements as valid targets for event retargeting Layout NEW ?
1734343 The text in the sidebar tree is displayed as grayscale AA instead of subpixel AA. Graphics: WebRender NEW ? nightly-community, regression
1735169 ExoPlayer crashes with OOM on Audio/Video: Playback NEW ? John Lin [:jhlin][:jolin]
1738585 Main process is "live hanging" when I opening the site Networking NEW ? perf:responsiveness
1739561 Broken "Trips" flight preview in Gmail, with flexbox nested in multicol Layout: Flexbox NEW ? regression Ting-Yu Lin [:TYLin] (UTC-8) (🍼 Away March 11 - June 5)
1740658 Unexpectedly-wide flex item, when child has large intrinsic size but is constrained by aspect-ratio and cross-axis fixed size on flex container Layout: Flexbox NEW ?
1748339 content-based 'flex-basis' produces a width of 0, in case where descendant with aspect ratio and resolvable percent height should prop it up Layout: Flexbox NEW ?
1760534 scroll is stuttering or not happening on Panning and Zooming NEW ? webcompat:needs-diagnosis
1766924 Cannot paste images into skype Desktop NEW ?
1769458 Regression: jquery-simple-datetimepicker no longer works in Firefox Developer Version DOM: Events NEW ? regression

144 Total; 144 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat Priority Revisit - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to
137687 Computed CSSDeclarations need to implement GetCssText DOM: CSS Object Model NEW revisit
417826 In table cell, width="0px" is ignored, but style="width: 0px" is honored CSS Parsing and Computation NEW revisit
488007 ElementFromPoint does not go through frames/iframes Layout NEW revisit
559561 When focused element is removed, fire blur event on it DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW revisit
568313 Impossible to make <button>s draggable DOM: Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop NEW revisit
616436 [meta] Implement column-span (from CSS3 multicolumn) Layout: Columns NEW revisit css3, dev-doc-needed, DevAdvocacy, meta, parity-chrome, parity-edge, parity-safari, testcase
654072 form input state (including disabled state and other properties) are cached across reloads and history navigation DOM: Forms NEW revisit testcase
697151 Synchronous XMLHttpRequest (XHR) does not block readyState events for async XHR DOM: Networking NEW revisit dev-doc-needed
700123 Keyboard Lock DOM: Events UNCONFIRMED revisit
850906 CSS Multicolumn Layout issues with floated form elements Layout UNCONFIRMED revisit
935216 Implement Client-Hints HTTP header Networking: HTTP UNCONFIRMED revisit dev-doc-needed
997189 Absolutely positioned inline-block (or inline) element with floating nextSibling and auto "left" is positioned to the right of the float Layout: Floats NEW revisit
1009629 Call location.reload in onreadystatechange cancels user navigation DOM: Navigation UNCONFIRMED revisit
1019630 preventDefault not working with select/option tags for mouse/keyboard events DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling UNCONFIRMED revisit
1039871 Add support to HTML media element for determining the mimetype of a loaded media file Audio/Video: Playback NEW revisit
1081542 ctrl-click on a link which uses event.preventDefault() and should still obey browser.tabs.loadInBackground DOM: Navigation NEW revisit
1225679 IE11 and Chrome display some corrupt PNGs that Firefox doesn't ImageLib NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-ie, parity-opera
1235045 Date Formats Support JavaScript: Standard Library NEW revisit
1273836 Copy-Paste of simple HTML adds extra new lines that are not present in original content Layout: Text and Fonts UNCONFIRMED revisit
1289682 Relatively-positioned table-row behaves as absolute containing block in Firefox (unlike other engines) Layout: Positioned NEW revisit
1319687 Fire 'canplaythrough' aggressively after loading first frame Audio/Video: Playback NEW revisit
1322694 WebGL video textures fail to render in Firefox Nightly for MP4 format with 2048x1024 pixels dimensions Canvas: WebGL UNCONFIRMED revisit
1328474 background: 0 and -moz-appearance: none suppresses the checkmark on input checkbox Layout: Form Controls NEW revisit
1332959 RTL web pages are aligned on the left side when the viewport is too small for the content Layout NEW revisit
1336245 Geolocation should return available low-res location when high-res location is not yet available DOM: Geolocation NEW revisit
1340064 [viewport] user-scalable, min-scale and max-scale will be ignored starting with iOS10 Panning and Zooming NEW revisit
1360238 window.getSelection().toString() displays extra "\n" characters on multiple block elements, even if they are display:inline DOM: Serializers NEW revisit
1362499 Support unit-less values for CSS -webkit-perspective (for interop) CSS Parsing and Computation NEW revisit dev-doc-needed, good-first-bug
1362543 Child elements of preserve-3d contexts are rendered differently from Chromium Layout NEW revisit
1362898 content with ::before gets painted at the wrong place Web Painting NEW revisit
1368398 Make file input browse button height calculation aware to box-sizing Layout: Form Controls NEW revisit
1377841 Problem with click/hover detection on 3d transformed DIVs Layout UNCONFIRMED revisit
1381911 Bug 1359527 broke the radient gradient fade on Graphics NEW revisit Bas Schouten (:bas.schouten)
1382471 Firefox wraps word-broken text under a previous float-left, rather than starting it on the same line. Layout: Text and Fonts NEW revisit
1385382 bullet with text-align:center is positioned further to the right in Firefox, as compared to other browsers (breaking fake radio button at Layout: Text and Fonts NEW revisit
1387483 [Meta-Bug] Support ReadableStream as Request.body in fetch API DOM: Core & HTML NEW revisit dev-doc-needed
1389880 Keynote HTML exported presentations don't display correctly Desktop NEW revisit webcompat:contact-ready
1391428 Next focusable element is not updated on button click on OS X DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling UNCONFIRMED revisit
1392669 Left menu text does not always appear on page load for the Canvas-based game at Canvas: 2D NEW revisit
1403440 alignment-baseline is not supported SVG NEW revisit parity-chrome
1409529 SVG images with width or height only set in CSS rules are not visible (in intrinsically-sized block, e.g. flex item or float) Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames NEW revisit
1414402 Support playback of mp4v video Audio/Video: Playback NEW revisit
1419392 Improve exceptions for createImageBitmap() Canvas: 2D NEW revisit
1420787 Firefox resolves percentages against wrong box on abspos containing block, when intrinsically sizing %-height <img>/<canvas> in %-height abspos parent Layout: Positioned NEW revisit
1437413 Characters descenders cut out in an html input Layout: Form Controls NEW revisit
1437761 position:sticky inside partially-offscreen position:fixed container has a different behavior in Chrome/Edge vs Firefox Layout NEW revisit
1438105 javascript: doesn't work when a:active {position:relative} is set on a href on Firefox Android Layout NEW revisit
1441048 Right floated element disappears when using column-count property in ol element. Layout: Floats NEW revisit
1452646 while clicking and navigating back, an outline is drawn Web Painting NEW revisit
1454305 - firefox wont ask to save password Password Manager: Site Compatibility NEW revisit
1455565 Alias ::-webkit-progress-value to ::-moz-progress-bar CSS Parsing and Computation NEW revisit
1461264 RGB Color space/profile seem different (pictures appear darker in Firefox than in Edge) Graphics NEW revisit
1463335 anchor and input superposed makes the JavaScript non active. Layout: Form Controls NEW revisit
1467114 BBC - highlighter for navigation spans extends to body edge Layout NEW revisit
1470315 The layout becomes blurry when the page is scrolled down/up Panning and Zooming NEW revisit
1472582 td containing nowrap='' and a fixed width will grow (while Chrome with enforce the width) Layout: Tables NEW revisit
1473501 Improve the way Gecko selects images based on srcset values (don't just round up, when rounding up is a huge jump) Layout: Images, Video, and HTML Frames NEW revisit
1477110 Select elements seem to get double the text-indent Layout: Form Controls NEW revisit
1481596 Make `-moz-appearance: none` on <textarea> behave more like Chrome Layout NEW revisit
1486365 The City selection page slightly bounces after opening CSS Transitions and Animations NEW revisit
1491743 invalid CSS property value on ::selection kills the default selection settings Layout: Text and Fonts NEW revisit
1492361 Tracking issues with SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP Security: PSM NEW revisit
1492818 After resizing the browser, the page is not reloaded and the resulted empty space becomes unusable. DOM: Navigation NEW revisit
1493434 Inconsistent table column sizing between Firefox and Chrome (with percent sizes on colgroup and col) Layout: Tables NEW revisit
1493561 non-specified border-width on input element is wide on Ubuntu Layout: Form Controls NEW revisit
1499986 Handling javascript URL returning a non-string value DOM: Navigation NEW revisit
1501480 mask-image and SVG on input element fails in Firefox, Safari, and Edge, works in Chrome Layout NEW revisit
1513435 Incompatible column layout with 'height:0' and definite 'column-width' Layout: Columns UNCONFIRMED revisit parity-chrome, testcase
1514269 [CSS Multicol] Firefox only web platform tests Layout: Columns NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1514362 [CSS Selectors] Firefox only web platform test failures Layout: Block and Inline NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1514367 [CSSOM View] Firefox only web platform test failures DOM: CSS Object Model NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1514371 [CSSOM] Firefox only web platform test failures DOM: CSS Object Model NEW revisit compat, parity-chrome, parity-safari
1515452 Firefox on Android (Moto G5) layout different than chrome for CSS Parsing and Computation NEW revisit
1518040 SVG feBlend should take account of flood-opacity on feFlood input nodes SVG NEW revisit parity-chrome
1518433 Very high CSS <length> values may be misinterpreted due to NS_{UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE,INTRINSICSIZE,AUTOHEIGHT,AUTOOFFSET} being equal to nscoord_MAX Layout NEW revisit parity-chrome
1519578 [contenteditable] Elements made block via CSS use <br> for newlines rather than <divs> DOM: Editor NEW revisit webcompat:site-wait
1521660 Adding a selected and disabled option as the first of a select's list of options forces the first user selection to be the first option after it. DOM: Core & HTML NEW revisit
1522706 History.pushState limit may be too low for some live sites DOM: Navigation NEW revisit
1526776 Scroll position back to previous position, or sometimes, flicker page. Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW revisit regression Ryan Hunt [:rhunt]
1526855 select is wide when the label is wide in optgroup (not on Chrome) Layout: Form Controls NEW revisit
1528043 Blink and Gecko differ on how wide to make the input in this floating test-case Layout NEW revisit
1528845 dynamic datalist is not working in Desktop + RDM and Firefox Android DOM: Core & HTML NEW revisit
1529953 Consider supporting the legacy mousewheel event for interop. DOM: Events NEW revisit dev-doc-needed
1530577 (Un)Expected HTTPS upgrade of download due to <meta ... "upgrade-insecure-requests"> tag DOM: Security NEW revisit
1532481 Firefox does not expand certain list items so they do not vertically overlap, as other engines do. Layout: Generated Content, Lists, and Counters NEW revisit
1533151 Gecko and Blink disagree on where to place abs.pos. children of fragmented inline CB Layout: Positioned NEW revisit testcase
1534863 Wrong scrolling behavior when opening sections Layout NEW revisit
1538075 vertical alignment of button containing a block is different from Chrome Layout: Block and Inline NEW revisit
1539252 Firefox on macOS with Dark Mode Enabled applies Light Mode style to form controls, causing contrast issues Widget: Cocoa NEW revisit
1539619 Implement event.fromElement and event.toElement DOM: Core & HTML NEW revisit
1545659 A horizontal scroll bar is displayed under the categories section when the page is loading Layout NEW revisit
1550158 Blink and Gecko differ on where to flow absolutely-positioned element in a tight layout Layout: Positioned UNCONFIRMED revisit testcase
1550635 window.document.caretRangeFromPoint is not supported in Firefox DOM: Core & HTML NEW revisit dev-doc-needed
1552723 Layout differences with display: table and position: absolute Layout: Tables NEW revisit
1558362 Google Image search Zoomed in .gif images swipe is janky CSS Transitions and Animations NEW revisit
1559020 Google Maps 3D Tilting with ctrl key + trackpad (on macOS only) DOM: Events NEW revisit
1559055 Fragmented float floats independently of the primary fragment, causing problems while printing Layout: Columns NEW revisit
1559233 Media resource could not be decoded for a video from Audio/Video: Playback NEW revisit
1561248 When returning to previous page, page is scrolled to top DOM: Navigation NEW revisit
1563147 content attribute with a float is pushing content outside of the table cell. Layout: Tables NEW revisit
1563791 Firing mouseup/pointerup after contextmenu causes interop issues DOM: Events NEW revisit
1563984 Interaction in between display: grid and display:none elements are not properly drawn Graphics NEW revisit
1566650 Interop issues with where focus and cursor are placed when clicking ::after content in contenteditable elements. DOM: Selection NEW revisit
1568225 Gzipped WebP files are not working on ImageLib NEW revisit Andrew Osmond [:aosmond] (he/him)
1569401 [Workers] Firefox only web platform test failures DOM: Workers NEW revisit
1573918 Scrolling doesn't work inside fixed position element (mouse/touch scroll events get blocked by nested fixedpos overlay) Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW revisit
1576548 Clamp the size of the viewport after wide elements are removed Layout NEW revisit
1577904 Interop differences in iframe html/body offsetHeights as reported by Chrome and Firefox Layout NEW revisit
1578346 Can't expand list as ihover over men's, as it disappears by the time I go to reach for the link. DOM: Events NEW revisit webcompat:needs-contact
1587267 BiquadFilterNode - lowpass filter is delayed in Firefox Audio/Video NEW revisit
1587966 Cursor does not appear if element is focused before being made contenteditable DOM: Editor NEW revisit
1589396 Touch-dragging this testcases's background to scroll the page works in Chrome, but not Firefox Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW revisit
1589404 Firefox defaults to a different font and size for table cells than Chrome Layout: Text and Fonts NEW revisit
1593064 Consider aligning with Chrome's behavior for restoring the scroll position on back button presses. DOM: Navigation NEW revisit
1596164 navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition success callback not called when maximumAge option is specified General NEW revisit
1598458 height:100% on a block child inside an auto-sized table-cell within a definite size table doesn't resolve the percentage Layout: Tables NEW revisit testcase
1599345 At least one youtube keyboard shorcut doesnt work with firefox and AZERTY keyboard DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW revisit
1599680 - composition is interfering with value input. General NEW revisit
1600323 Part of svg is not rendered inside image tag SVG NEW revisit
1600540 Can't enter values General REOPENED revisit
1602338 The anchor (through id attribute) is not correctly positioned Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW revisit testcase-wanted
1603609 Different history behavior seen on a Economic Times webpage DOM: Navigation NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1606594 padding in a 0px height box is scrollable at the bottom of the viewport. Layout: Block and Inline NEW revisit
1613836 Desktop Mode & Mobile mode shows same rendering. Layout NEW revisit
1615948 svg fill css transition issue when in defs SVG NEW revisit
1620050 HTMLInputElement undo history lost when moving the DOM node DOM: Editor NEW revisit
1643226 [performance] Very high CPU usage and slow scrolling Performance NEW revisit perf:responsiveness
1668061 Element doesn't receive click event if the body has negative z-index Web Painting NEW revisit

128 Total; 128 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat No Priority - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to
1475723 Geckoview and Fennec open select dropdown on tap of parent label; other browsers do not. DOM: Core & HTML NEW -
1507150 Scrolling inside a .div using the touchpad causes the whole page to scroll on google graphs DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling NEW - webcompat:site-wait
1561386 Network Information API: missing downlink attribute causing infinite loading on DOM: Device Interfaces NEW -
1715625 Support SFrameTransform WebRTC: Networking NEW -
1717774 [Bug] fast forward with double tap doesn't on the fullscreen video Audio/Video: Playback NEW - parity-chrome
1765108 - scroll slighlty slower using Firefox on Android. Graphics NEW -

6 Total; 6 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);