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This is the list of bugs without priority We assign Priority on these bugs.

We also have a list of already Triaged Core bugs.

Webcompat Priority to set - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
1791192 pointerout event with mouse button held reports button == 0 when moving out of window -- NEW

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat Priority Revisit - OPEN

Full Query
ID Summary Component Status Webcompat priority Keywords Assigned to
654072 form input state (including disabled state and other properties) are cached across reloads and history navigation DOM: Forms NEW revisit testcase
850906 CSS Multicolumn Layout issues with floated form elements Layout UNCONFIRMED revisit
935216 Implement Client-Hints HTTP header Networking: HTTP UNCONFIRMED revisit dev-doc-needed
1009629 Call location.reload in onreadystatechange cancels user navigation DOM: Navigation UNCONFIRMED revisit
1225679 IE11 and Chrome display some corrupt PNGs that Firefox doesn't Graphics: ImageLib NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-ie, parity-opera
1235045 Date Formats Support JavaScript: Standard Library NEW revisit
1319687 Fire 'canplaythrough' aggressively after loading first frame Audio/Video: Playback NEW revisit
1322694 WebGL video textures fail to render in Firefox Nightly for MP4 format with 2048x1024 pixels dimensions Graphics: CanvasWebGL UNCONFIRMED revisit
1332959 RTL web pages are aligned on the left side when the viewport is too small for the content Layout NEW revisit
1377841 Problem with click/hover detection on 3d transformed DIVs Layout UNCONFIRMED revisit
1381911 Bug 1359527 broke the radient gradient fade on Graphics NEW revisit Bas Schouten (:bas.schouten)
1385382 bullet with text-align:center is positioned further to the right in Firefox, as compared to other browsers (breaking fake radio button at Layout: Text and Fonts NEW revisit
1414402 Support playback of mp4v video Audio/Video: Playback NEW revisit
1419392 Improve exceptions for createImageBitmap() Graphics: Canvas2D NEW revisit
1455565 Alias ::-webkit-progress-value to ::-moz-progress-bar CSS Parsing and Computation NEW revisit
1467114 BBC - highlighter for navigation spans extends to body edge Layout NEW revisit
1493434 Inconsistent table column sizing between Firefox and Chrome (with percent sizes on colgroup and col) Layout: Tables NEW revisit
1513435 Incompatible column layout with 'height:0' and definite 'column-width' Layout: Columns UNCONFIRMED revisit parity-chrome, testcase
1514269 [CSS Multicol] Firefox only web platform tests Layout: Columns NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1514362 [CSS Selectors] Firefox only web platform test failures Layout: Block and Inline NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1514367 [CSSOM View] Firefox only web platform test failures DOM: CSS Object Model NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1514371 [CSSOM] Firefox only web platform test failures DOM: CSS Object Model NEW revisit compat, parity-chrome, parity-safari
1518040 SVG feBlend should take account of flood-opacity on feFlood input nodes SVG NEW revisit parity-chrome
1518433 Very high CSS <length> values may be misinterpreted due to NS_{UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE,INTRINSICSIZE,AUTOHEIGHT,AUTOOFFSET} being equal to nscoord_MAX Layout NEW revisit parity-chrome
1521660 Adding a selected and disabled option as the first of a select's list of options forces the first user selection to be the first option after it. DOM: Core & HTML NEW revisit
1539619 Implement event.fromElement and event.toElement DOM: Core & HTML NEW revisit
1550158 Blink and Gecko differ on where to flow absolutely-positioned element in a tight layout Layout: Positioned UNCONFIRMED revisit testcase
1566650 Interop issues with where focus and cursor are placed when clicking ::after content in contenteditable elements. DOM: Selection NEW revisit
1568225 Gzipped WebP files are not working on Graphics: ImageLib NEW revisit Andrew Osmond [:aosmond] (he/him)
1573918 Scrolling doesn't work inside fixed position element (mouse/touch scroll events get blocked by nested fixedpos overlay) Layout: Scrolling and Overflow NEW revisit
1577904 Interop differences in iframe html/body offsetHeights as reported by Chrome and Firefox Layout NEW revisit
1587966 Cursor does not appear if element is focused before being made contenteditable DOM: Editor NEW revisit
1589404 Firefox defaults to a different font and size for table cells than Chrome Layout: Text and Fonts NEW revisit
1593064 Consider aligning with Chrome's behavior for restoring the scroll position on back button presses. DOM: Navigation NEW revisit
1598458 height:100% on a block child inside an auto-sized table-cell within a definite size table doesn't resolve the percentage Layout: Tables NEW revisit testcase
1600323 Part of svg is not rendered inside image tag SVG NEW revisit
1603609 Different history behavior seen on a Economic Times webpage DOM: Navigation NEW revisit parity-chrome, parity-safari
1620050 HTMLInputElement undo history lost when moving the DOM node DOM: Editor NEW revisit
1668061 Element doesn't receive click event if the body has negative z-index Web Painting NEW revisit

39 Total; 39 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Webcompat No Priority - OPEN

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);